Ways to Save Money on Electricity


Every month, we spend lots of money on energy bills. The world is getting more and more technical and all of those electronic devices require electricity and electricity costs money. Of course, you should find the cheapest and best electricity. There are lots of companies such as BestHeating that want to offer some heating solutions. But how can you save on electricity? What can you do to spend as little electricity as possible? How do you keep out the cold during the freezing winter season? And what are the reasons for wanting to use less electricity? Those are the things that we would like to tell you more about.


Your Heating
In winter, heating is the thing that uses electricity the most. Whether you have an electric radiator or a heated towel rail, you’ll spend a lot of electricity to keep your house warm. But that’s not necessary. Of course, your house should be comfortable and we don’t advice you to turn off the heating entirely. But putting on a sweater before you turn up the heat might save you some money. And also remember that you don’t have to heat up your entire house. Your bedroom doesn’t have to be as warm as your living room. The same goes if you barely enter your kitchen after supper or are hardly ever home during the day. Only heat up the rooms that you actively use. And keep the doors of those rooms closed so the heat doesn’t escape the room. That also keeps that nasty draught at bay.


Smart Home Solutions
There are some smart home solutions that can help you to regulate your electricity usage. Some of them allow you to set a timer for your heating or lamps. That way, your home is nice and warm when you get home after work while the heating was turned off during the day. The same goes for your lights. You don’t have to navigate your dark home to find the lighting switch but the light’s didn’t burn for nothing. And some of these smart home solutions also allow you to manually control your lighting, heating or CCTV via your mobile phone.


All smartphones, tablets and other handheld devices have a charger or an adapter to reload the battery. Often, people forget to disconnect the charger. That means your smartphone is eating electricity for nothing. Try to disconnect the charger or adapter as soon as the battery reached 100%. And never let your mobile phone charge for the entire night. Disconnect the adapter before you get into bed.  It not only saves you money. It’s also safer.


Heating the Bathroom before Showering
Some people hate to undress in a cold bathroom. And other people hate stepping out of the shower into a cold bathroom even more. Therefore, they heat up their bathroom before they take a shower. But remember that that cold feeling is only a few moments. As soon as you step under the hot water of the shower you’ll be warm within no time. During your shower, the hot water heats up your bathroom faster than any radiator or heated towel rails can. And if you hang a towel of bathrobe right next to the shower you won’t have to face a cold bathroom.


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