Everyone who runs a household knows that there are certain appliances that are necessary to keep daily life running smoothly. Of course, these appliances are not necessary for successful daily life, but they do make life immensely easier. Some such appliances include a refrigerator, an oven, a toaster, a washing machine, and a dryer among many others. Unfortunately, like any machine, these appliances can break from age, use, accident, or a manufacturing malfunction. Regardless of the how and why, when an appliance breaks, it can cause a disruption in your daily routine. Some repairs are easy to handle on your own while others require the help of a professional. Still other times, it is best to simply replace the old appliance with a new one. What you will find here is all of the information that you will need to determine whether you have the ability to repair your appliance, need to hire a professional, or purchase a replacement.

The first thing you need to consider is warranty. Generally speaking, when you purchase a new appliance, it includes a warranty. This may be a full warranty or a limited warranty, but either way, it will cover certain repairs. You will need to check your warranty information to determine if the type of repair you need is covered. Most warranties only cover repairs that are needed due to general use. Accidents are often not included in the coverage. Therefore, if you are directly responsible for the appliance breaking, a dropped toaster, putting something in the oven that should never be in an oven, your repair will not be covered under the vast majority of warranties. A warranty is there to ensure that the product is able to perform in the manner it was designed. If the product fails to do this, the warranty will pay for the necessary repair. There are also times when the warranty will cover replacement rather than just a repair. There are times when it is far better to replace instead of repair. If you are covered under warranty, you will likely need to either send the appliance to the company or hire an approved repairman. If you find yourself in need of a professional, the internet is the best resource to help you find the best professional for your needs, including finding one that will be covered under your warranty. Be sure to keep your search simple. A good example is “appliance repair North York”.

If you are not covered under a warranty, you will need to make a decision regarding whether to repair or replace. In the event of deciding to repair, you will have to determine whether it is something you can handle on your own or you need to hire a professional. The best way to begin the process of making these decisions is to attempt to determine what the problem is. There are times when this will be obvious, such as when the appliance has been knocked off the counter or something has melted where it should not. Then, there are times when it is not at all obvious what the problem may be. In this case, the first place to look is the plugin and cord. Look first at the place where the appliance is plugged in, look to see if the outlet appears burned or melted. If there is any burned or melted areas on the outlet, you will need to go to your breaker box and turn off the power to that area of the house. If you do not know which breaker goes to that particular area, it is best to turn off the main breaker. Then, unplug the appliance and turn the power back on. If this has occurred, your repair will come in two parts. First, in this situation, the only choice is to replace the appliance. Second, you will need to have an electrician check the outlet for additional damage. You will also need to have the electrician replace the burned outlet, regardless of whether there is any other damage or not.


After checking the outlet thoroughly, if you determine this is not your problem, check to ensure that the cord is plugged in properly. It is easier than you might think for a plug to be pulled out of the outlet enough to keep the appliance from coming on. If this is not the problem, try plugging the appliance into a different outlet to determine if perhaps the outlet is the problem. If the appliance is plugged into a power strip, you should check to see if the strip has stopped working. Also, when a power strip is overloaded, it often shuts itself off, at least in the case of newer models. Look to see if the strip is turned on or off. Many times the repair is this simple.


Next, check the cord of the appliance. There are many things that can cause the cord to become frayed, in which case the appliance would cease to work properly if at all. Be sure to unplug the appliance before inspecting the cord so as to avoid electric shocks. Start at the plug itself and thoroughly check the cord all of the ways up to where it enters the appliance itself. Look for any cuts, fraying, or any other abnormalities. If you find any problems with the cord, cease use of the appliance immediately. The cord of most appliances is easy to replace, there are many tutorials available online, but if you are not comfortable doing it yourself, you can contact an appliance repairman. Many people choose to replace an appliance with a frayed cord due to a fear that other components have been damaged.


If you have not been able to find the cause of the problem, that means that the problems lie in the internal components. This tends to be more complicated, but that does not mean it is not possible to fix it yourself. If you are mechanically inclined, there are diagrams and repair guide for most appliances available online, all you have to do is search for the exact type of appliance you have including the manufacturer, the year it was made, and the model. If you are not comfortable with this, do not hesitate to reach out to a professional and have them take a look and determine the problem before you make any further decisions.