Your employees are the foundation of your business. Without them, you can’t move forward with any of your plans. It’s important that you treat them with love and respect. Employees who feel dissatisfied might decide to leave the company. You don’t want to lose some of the best people in your team because you didn’t value their importance. These are some ways to show your appreciation to these employees.

Offer a salary bump

Let’s face it, employees work hard because they want to get monetary rewards. If given the chance, they would rather stay at home or travel. However, since they need money, they decide to do their best at work. Employees would welcome a salary bump. They will feel appreciated. They will think that their hard work has paid off. You can give an increase depending on the work performance of the employee.

Improve the kitchen

Your employees love to spend time in the kitchen. It’s their opportunity to enjoy each other’s company. It’s also a way for them to take a break from work and recharge. Fill the kitchen with snacks. Make sure there is a coffee maker, oven toaster, microwave oven, and other useful appliances. The workplace needs to feel like home for your employees.

Talk to them in private

Your employees would appreciate the opportunity to talk to you in private. Considering how busy you are, you can barely find time to relax. If you use your precious minutes to talk to the employees in private, they will appreciate it. They will think that you value them enough to have a conversation with them, at least.

Hold a fun event

Your employees might get stressed by the thought of being at work. Things could change if you start holding fun events. Office games would be fun. You can also have dinner with them just to celebrate their accomplishments at work. You might also want to host a funfair. It allows employees to bring their kids to an event. These are rewarding moments for them, and they would be glad to have the chance to see work in a different way. If you decide to host a funfair, you don’t need to worry about organizing it. You can ask for help from companies like to do the job. They can make the event happen without any problem.

Just say thank you

Leaving a thank-you note on your employee’s desk is enough to show appreciation. Sometimes, everything moves too quickly. You forget to say thank you. Some of your employees might feel like they have already done a lot and haven’t got any recognition from you. Leaving a note lets them know that at least you have seen their effort.

You want to keep the best people on your team. You have to try your best to express your sincere appreciation whenever you can. It’s also a good practice at work to make the place feel better for everyone.