Many businesses regularly deal with a printing problem. And that problem goes like this: From time to time, employees have to do large print jobs that can tie up the office’s copier for hours on end.

You may have heard something along the lines of:

“I’m fed up! Those marketing people are always on that damn printer with those brochures. How is anyone else supposed to get work done around here?”

For sure, it’s a nuisance scenario. But it’s more than that. It very likely is not a cost-effective solution for your place of work.

You may have heard about managed print services, otherwise referred to as MPS? If no, then MPS is something you might want to learn about.


For your place of work – for your business – managed print services is definitely something you’d want to consider. Why? Well, MPS is a service that’s offered by many printer and copier providers. It’s a service that allows them, rather than you, to assess, to monitor, and then to manage all of your printing requirements. This way, you get far better efficiency in terms of document printing.

MPS isn’t only for the larger-sized business, either. Having a third-party manage your printing for you can mean efficiencies in terms of cost and security. It also helps in maximising productivity.

Here are a few additional benefits that managed print services may bring to your business.


How Can Managed Print Services Benefit Your Business?

For obvious reasons, you’ll not be fully aware of the amount – and type – of printing that goes on at your business. You can’t possibly be aware. How could you monitor this kind of activity?

Perhaps there are many larger-sized print jobs occurring on desktop printers merely out of sheer convenience. Maybe there are many larger-sized print jobs occurring on desktop printers because the main printer consistently experiences maintenance issues.

With managed print services these kinds of issues will be a thing of the past.

When managed print services are used, businesses enjoy a handful of benefits they may not enjoy otherwise, including:

  • Being able to select the appropriate printer for the job at hand

It could be that your business is chewing up profits because of undue expenses – expenses caused when printers are being used that have higher operational costs than others. When you use managed print services this is no longer a problem.

For some businesses, managed print services will make recommendations for replacing legacy equipment or upgrading. In turn, this will increase overall productivity while lowering costs.

These days, there are countless printers available on the market to choose from. You can easily find something to fit in with your budget – one that also comes with a lower print-production cost.

  • Analyse printer usage

By analysing the use of printers, paper flow, as well as costs associated with the various aspects of your business printing, managed print services can help you to optimise and establish far more efficiency.

  • Training that is not a burden for your IT department

And MPS provider can provide the necessary training for your printing devices. This is especially useful whenever new printing devices are brought in. It means that staff from your IT department no longer have to invest time in training and can instead remain focused on their own projects.

  • Automated delivery of supplies

Might seem that automated delivery of supplies is a fairly trivial benefit. But when you have a managed print services provider sort out the delivery of print toner and various other printing-related supplies, it helps to ensure that your machines suffer minimal downtime.

Otherwise, when you communicate well with your MPS, it’s then easy to see volume spikes over a year-long period. This way you can remain well ahead because you always have the supplies you need in advance.

  • Reporting

When you use an MPS they can create custom reports that you can assess on a frequent basis. This helps to make your printing requirements more visible – more transparent.

  • Management of remote printing

These days, many employees use their smartphones for all sorts, even for printing. With managed print services to help, you can train employees how to quickly and efficiently use their smartphones. The use of smartphones for printing can be achieved even when employees are out of the office.

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