What Are Dental Implants?

Have you ever heard of dental implants? Perhaps you have but you are unsure if they are right for you because you are unsure of all the factors associated with them. Perhaps you have but you cannot decide if you should get one or not. There are so many variables, especially if you are unsure of what they are exactly. That is why the dental implants lexington KY experts are here to help. They are going to share exactly what dental implants are and answer any unsure thought you have about them below. Keep reading to learn more.


The first question to solve is what dental implants are. Dental implants are posts or frames that are positioned right under your jawbone which is also beneath your gums. This will allow your dentist to replace any teeth that are missing inside of your mouth. The process of a dental implant is easier than you may think. The main benefits of a dental implant is that it helps you to not only eat but also speak too. It is a much more natural solution than a bridge or dentures and will end up having a lot more benefits in the long run too. Many people find these other solutions not very comfortable. Although they help missing teeth, they also are not always a long term solution like a dental implant is.


Although dental implants are not very cheap, it’s nice to know that they follow under most dental plants and will typically be covered which means you will need to pay less than 10%. This is a huge bonus and an example of how they are in no way dental cosmetics and in fact a necessity.  

There are two types of dental implants available for patients. These two types are endosteal implants and subperiosteal implants. Endosteal implants are directly implanted into your jawbone and surround your gum. Each are attached individually as well as a ground if you need it. Subperiosteal implants are a metal frame that fit into your jaw right below the gum. Your gum will then heal and the tooth will be molded to the jawbone. The artificial teeth that you now have are mounted to the posts. Depending on what the dentist sees during your consultation will depend on which type they recommend for you.


We now want to share facts about dental implants that you may have not known before. The first is that dental implants have been around a long time. Whether you have heard of them or not, dental implants have been around since 600 AD. The tooth was a piece of shell that was actually hammed into the jaw. Talk about changing techniques since then! The next fact we have is that dental implants are the only restoration that you can naturally preserve the bone. This helps to stimulate the growth of the bone. Our next fact is that the American Academy of Implant Dentistry helps to advance implant dentistry. That means if you are still unclear after reading this, you can head over to their website and learn more to clear anything up that you are confused about. People may be concerned that dental implants are not that common when in fact they are very normal. In fact, three million people in the united states alone have dental implants. This number is not slowing down and increases by 500,000 each year.


If you are concerned about safety, the good news is that there is no concern to be had. In fact, it is one of the safest procedures out there and has a 98% success rate. This means you are almost guaranteed to be happy with the result and that it will go well.


When you book a consultation with a dentist they will be able to go through and ensure you are a good candidate for a dental implant. In order to be approved, the dentist wants to ensure you are in good enough health so it is always as safe as possible. They will also go over your options and talk about how it will work specifically for you and your mouth. The dental implant will happen very quickly and you will be on your way to smiling with more confident and chewing correctly again in no time.


As you can see, dental implants can be so beneficial for not only your oral health but your overall health too. Dental implants will help your jaw not to end up syncing in and help you to eat better too. Everyone has more confidence when they have a more beautiful smile and that is exactly what dental implants will do for you. If you want more information on dental implants or you are interested in coming in for a consultation with our great dentist, contact us today.