If you have moved to a new town you may be a little overwhelmed with finding new people to see. Whether you need to see a new Littleton doctor or get Littleton dental work done, it’s all apart of the moving process. You also simply may not be happy with your current dentist which is a reason to find a new dentist. Whatever your reason, it’s time to learn exactly how you can find a dentist that is right for you. Keep reading to learn more.


Ask a friend

The first piece of advice that we have is to ask a friend. This is important if you have a friend in the area or a coworker that you trust. If you are new to the area this may be a little bit more difficult, but you can still ask anyone that you know in the area. Make sure you ask what they like about the dentist, if they would recommend them, or any others that they have heard that they would not recommend. This can quickly narrow down your search and even help you to know who you wouldn’t want to work with.


Look for review online

Looking for reviews online is another great way to find out what people think of different dentists. Remember, most dentists won’t have perfect ratings and that’s okay. Try and read the reviews rather than just looking at the overall rating. If one dentist has a much better overall rating than others you may want to gear towards that or at least just write it down as a positive about that location. If there are negative reviews that all seem to say the same reason, you may want to take that into consideration so that you know what to expect. You can also know what positive things are being said repetitively so you know what that dentist is great with.


Do you have specific needs?

If you have any specific procedures or items you need, it’s important to see which dentists will provide that. For example, if you are needing a specific dental surgery soon, you may want to try and choose a dentist that is able to accommodate that future surgery so that you don’t need to look for a second person. Any of your specific needs should be kept in mind to ensure the dentist is able to take care of them.


Find out about insurance

The next tip that we have is to find out about insurance. If you are paying for insurance or you get dental insurance through your work, you might as well be taking advantage of it! This means it’s important to go to a dentist that accepts your insurance. You can sometimes find which insurances the dental office takes on their website. If not, make sure you call around and find out if they take your specific insurance, this is especially important if you know your insurance is not accepted by everyone. Wouldn’t it be terrible if you finished your dental appointment and didn’t find out until you were there or until they completed the service that you were not covered? Make sure these kinds of questions are answered prior to making your final decision. If you don’t have dental insurance, make sure you let them know so that they can talk to you about their payment plans or so they can talk to you about any all cash discounts they may offer.


Call and ask questions

The next tip that we want to share is to call the dental office and ask questions. There is never such a thing as a stupid question. You want to feel completely confident with your decision and very comfortable when you go to the dentist. You can make a list of questions that you want answers to beforehand. Make sure you write down the answers of what the dental office is saying to ensure you do not confuse one office to the next and accidentally choose the wrong office (it happens!).


Go in for a tour

The final tip we want to share is to go in and ask for a tour. This will help you to get a sense of how the dental office looks, the dentist, and the overall feel of the office. Remember to trust your gut instinct. If it is feeling comfortable, this may be the choice for you. If you feel as though they are being too pushy to make you book an appointment or something just feels off, you may want to continue looking elsewhere. It’s okay to take your time as long as you are not having a dental emergency.

As you can see, finding a dentist is not always easy. In fact, it’s important to do some homework to ensure you find a dentist that will fit your specific needs. You will be so happy you did some background investigation though in order to make your final choice so that you don’t waste time (and money) jumping from dentist to dentist and feeling unhappy. For more information on finding a dentist that is right for you, contact us today!