Flowers are for every occasion; be it wedding, birthday, on birth of baby or on graduation.

Flowers give a sense of freshness and love. Even they are of beautiful colors and lovely smell, they wilt and does not remain fresh for long.

And to be honest, every time I receive a flower bouquet, I always wish to keep them fresh for a little longer.

Shall I tell you that yes I found about such roses which can be kept fresh for long?

In this article, I will tell you all about Everlasting Roses; what they are, how they are treated, and what are they used for?

And I recently experienced getting those fresh Everlasting Roses from Eternal Roses. So, first I will tell about my experience.

What is Eternal Roses?

Eternal Roses (or infinity roses) does not loses its blossom and their unique grace for days. Roses are packed in a decorative box and wrapped in floral delicacy. Vie Fleuri, French name of Eternal Roses was created by Agnes Treczoks in 2018.

Rosenbox – a Modern vision of Elegance, is all about natural, real authentic flowers but they are long-lasting because they are specially preserved.

Eternal Roses offer 8 different types of Rose boxes:

  1. Classic Collection
  2. White Pure Anmut
  3. Red True Intensity
  4. Gold Glamorous Luxury
  5. Pink Liebliche Eleganz
  6. Blue Infinite Beauty
  7. Heart Glamorous Love
  8. Infinity Bouquet Luxury Flowerbomb

You can give these preserved flowers in a Flowerbox which has a special arrangement for flowers. It is a round box filled to the brim with beautiful everlasting roses. You can choose the color of box from black, white or various pastel shades. There are five different box sizes available from XS to XL. Five rose colors; pink, black, red, yellow and gold are available for selection. Even they offer two scents; a natural rose scent with a hibiscus note and an oriental mixture with peony and Turkish rose.

You can order online Eternal Roses’ gorgeous flower box wrapped in the most beautiful and perfect way. And get them shipped at your desired address. There are so many payment options you can choose from.

What are Everlasting roses?

The problem with fresh roses is that they have a short lifespan, requires proper care and their petals are extremely delicate.

Everlasting roses process started in 1980s and it has modernized quiet much since then. The latest techniques made those roses lasts for years and keep its natural beauty, softness and freshness intact. It can last from one to three years.

How are fresh roses stabilized?

The best of hand cut roses are used in making the everlasting roses. The process of stabilization is done in 60 days with almost 109 complicated steps.

The chemicals are a mixture of glycerin, water and dyes used in the process. They are non-toxic, non-corrosive, contain no explosive materials and are completely safe for the environment. Once the stabilization process is complete, everlasting roses undergoes a pigmentation process which uses colorant and dyes.

This whole process stabilizes the growth of the everlasting roses and keeps them silky, soft, fresh and vibrant colored. Everlasting roses do not require watering after being processed.

What are they used for?

Everlasting roses are ideal gift for wedding couples, anniversaries and birthdays. These roses are very popular among designers, florists and window-dressers. They are used as buttonholes in the weddings, on cake decorations and table decorations.

Preserved roses are a real eye-catcher for your room as a great decoration piece. And you just need to remove the dust from the roses with a soft brush.

How to care for Everlasting Roses?

  • Do not water the roses.
  • Do not take out the roses from the box, they are secure inside.
  • Avoid direct exposure to sunlight.
  • Keep them in a room-temperature environment.
  • Use a soft brush to remove the dust from the roses.
  • Do not place anything on the roses as it can crush the petals.
  • As the rose contains dyes, keep the roses away from light colored fabrics or surfaces.

Now, you know all about the Everlasting Roses, so do you want to send them to someone special and make their day? They will keep them for years and will remember you.

Tell me in the comment below which one you selected from Eternal Roses.