What are the Best Jobs for Retirees?


Sitting around idly in retirement or receiving your pension that isn’t as sizeable as you thought it might be can prompt retirees to contemplate going back to work. Although landing another job in your 60s may seem like a massive obstacle, many industries exert openness and flexibility in hiring retirees, positions that can be part-time or temporary work.

Whether you want to work part-time to stay active or find temporary work for a short period to earn extra money, here are some of the best careers options for retirees.



1, Freelance writing and editing

Freelance work can abide by your schedule and will earn you some money on the side while keeping you busy. Because freelance work is so versatile, you can choose to pursue freelancing in a trade you excel in. Freelance writing is very common and can include blogging, an in-demand skill that will accommodate your passions in language, writing, and reading. Freelance editing is also very much needed right now to edit articles, publications, and books. Freelance work can be a low-stress and flexible job in the creative field for any retiree that is enthusiastic about grammar.


  1. Substitute teacher, teacher’s aid, or tutor

Going into or returning to the teaching field may sound like it could fill your schedule without having time to yourself, but opting for becoming a substitute teacher, a teacher’s aid, or, alternatively, a tutor can make for a more flexible schedule. These roles are always in demand, and a formal degree is not required for positions like teacher aid. Helping students navigate varying subjects and enhancing their learning proficiencies can be an incredibly rewarding career path without the additional stress of time-consuming teacher duties.


  1. Librarian or librarian assistant

If you are passionate about literature and organization, working at a library could be the perfect job. The job will entail and require detailed organization and dealing with people face-to-face. Working in a library will also involve working in a quiet and peaceful environment, surrounded by others who love books and reading. Specific duties of a librarian or librarian assistant can include cataloging, repairing books, sorting, and navigating certain books for patrons that ask for assistance.


  1.   Nanny or babysitter

If you have any extensive experience with children and longing to work with them again, consider a career in nannying or babysitting. Nannying remains a popular career choice as ever and will give you a chance to become a vital part of a family’s life as you assist in child rearing, cleaning, and cooking. Babysitting is a bit more flexible for the retiree that doesn’t want a full-scheduled day of caretaking. Babysitting will have you earning less, but you are more liable to curate your own schedule.


  1. Accountant or tax preparer

Refined math and general accounting skills can be hard to come by at a reasonable price, so any retiree willing to sell their accountant capabilities will surely get work when tax season looms. To follow this career path as a retiree, acquiring a full-time account position isn’t necessary. You can work on a short-term basis for certain banks that need tax preparers during tax season. Finding work as a part-time consultant at an accounting firm is also an alternative to busy full-time work.


  1. Tourism

A job in tourism usually consists of helping tourists navigate their desired destinations and handing out maps and booklets on local events that will enhance a vacation. This job is especially fitting for anyone who is personable and enjoys helping others who also reside in an area that attracts large swaths of yearly tourists. Tourism work will not prove very strenuous for any senior wanting a light job. Retirees that know their way around their area should look into available work at their local tourist center.


  1. Pet sitting

Pet sitting is the perfect side job for any senior that wants to spend their retirement with lovable canines! Instead of interacting with people, you can care for various animals if you advertise your services to friends, family, and your local community. Pet sitting tends to be easy work for any retiree that wants to make money by sitting back and spending time with furry friends!


  1. Driver

Retired seniors that have their own car and enjoy taking a drive should check for professional driving jobs. Driving has become a versatile job that could mean working for a taxi service, delivery jobs, school busses, construction vans, or any field that sparks your interest. This will be another low-stress gig for retirees who love to get behind the wheel and can be accommodating to your schedule.



Retirees who desire a low-stress and flexible career for something to do that will give you extra pocket change have a multitude of options to choose from. Freelance, part-time, seasonal, and short-term work can all provide you with fulfilling careers that aren’t too strenuous and can be tailored to your interests. If you don’t know where to begin looking for a job as a retiree or are finding it difficult to obtain one, many staffing agencies are available and accessible to assist you in traversing a new career in your golden years.