A lot of things have changed in the past seven decades after the emergence of the first, classic video games. What’s interesting is that most of these changes have happened in the last two decades. In other words, video games are changing and evolving faster than ever before. Gaming fans who want to stay well-informed should keep reading this article because we are about to reveal a few interesting trends that we can expect in 2019.


eSports is a term which is used to describe a type of competition which involves players and video games. It’s an activity with a long tradition, but just like in the case of video games, it has witnessed radical changes in the last few years. Today, we have tournaments with multimillion rewards which are followed by thousands of people both teens and adults, ,sometimes streamed on Twitch, with great twitch graphics. In this 2019, we will have a chance to witness the transformation of a few video games into eSports. We can also expect better media coverage and more investments in this sector.

Another thing that’s interesting for the future of eSports is that fans will have more chances to place bets on eSports events. There are websites like EsportsBettingExperts.co.uk where you can read reviews and descriptions of popular eSports betting websites. In fact, if you are a UK player, you can also find a list of the best eSports betting sites in the UK in 2019.

Virtual Reality

There are many well-established companies like Sony, Facebook, and HTC that are working on improving their Virtual Reality (VR) headsets and software. This year, we can expect the introduction of new VR games and maybe a couple of headsets. With improved field views, better effects and other interesting additions, VR gaming promises an unforgettable experience to every gamer.

Gaming based on cloud technology

More and more people have access to fast internet connections which has allowed the advancement of gaming based on cloud technology. Imagine a game that keeps improving and you never have to update it. All the files related to the game are uploaded to the cloud which means that there’s no need for manual updates. In addition, this also means that you can access your game and continue playing where you have left the game on any device. If the developers are focused on this technology, the games will become cheaper too.

Mobile gaming

Finally, we will definitely see an improvement in this specific form of gaming. With over 2 billion mobile users, it’s not a surprise that the gaming industry is interested particularly in mobile users. On top of that, mobile devices are becoming more powerful and have amazing displays which improve the gaming experience. With the most sophisticated smartphones and tablets out there, you can play complex games. Mobile gaming will continue to grow in 2019 and what will make this sector different is that most of the games will stay free. Of course, you will have access to in-app purchases which is how mobile game developers are making most of their profit.