Visiting Crete to spend your upcoming vacation will be one of the best decisions that you will be able to make. It can provide you with an unforgettable experience, which will cherish in your memories for a lifetime. But before you visit Crete, you are strongly encouraged to plan your vacation. Then you will be able to get the most out of your experience and enjoy your stay.

When you are planning the vacation in Crete, you will come across the need to figure out the most beautiful attractions, which you can visit. That’s where you can take a look at Chania. You might now wonder whether Chania is the best city that you can find in Crete or not. Yes, Chania is one of the most beautiful cities that you can discover in Crete and you don’t need to keep any doubts in mind about it. Therefore, you can rent a car in Chania and visit Chania city on the very first day.

What’s offered to you at Chania?

Most of the people agree to the fact that Chania is one of the most beautiful and versatile cities that you can discover in Crete. In fact, it is one of the oldest inhabited settlements that you can discover in the European region as well. The old town of Chania, Kastelli is inhabited from the Neolithic period.

In the modern Chania city, you will be able to find around 60,000 local residents. The city center of Chania is located in close proximity to the closed market hall named Agora. When you get to the central streets Papandreou, Tzankaki, Apokoronou, Ginnari, Chatzimichali and Kydonias, you will be able to grab a variety of unique experiences. You will be able to spend a full day while roaming in these streets.

While you are roaming in the streets, you will come across a large number of restaurants and cafes. You can enjoy some great food by walking into them. The overall atmosphere that you can discover in Chania has a touch of Venice. When it is combined along with the character and culture, it is possible to find a variety of unique traditions in here.

Out of the tourist attractions that you can find in Chania, the Chania harbor has received a lot of attention. It is a unique place that you can visit while you are exploring Chania. This can be considered as an excellent opportunity that you will be able to get in order to witness old buildings, which have unique and outstanding designs. Even though most of the old buildings are now destroyed, you will be able to get a good overview about the history of Crete by taking a look at those buildings.

You must also keep in mind that Chania is surrounded by a large number of options for discovery, exploration and sightseeing. The mountain villages are in a position to provide a fascinating view about the inner Crete. A large number of archeological sites and hiking trails are available in Chania as well. Therefore, you will never get bored while you are exploring Chania.

How to get to Chania?

Now you have a basic understanding of what is being offered by Chania. If you are impressed, you can take a look at the options on how to get to Chania and grab those wonderful experiences.

You can find an international airport in Chania. All the people who come to Crete from other parts of the world arrive at Chania international airport. Therefore, accessing Chania will not be something difficult to do. You can easily reserve your flight and arrive directly to Chania. A large number of charter flights and scheduled flights are available for the travelers who are interested in coming to Chania from Europe and few other major destinations around the world.

Once you arrive at Chania, you will be able to rent out a car. Then you will be able to get to the Chania City and explore all the attractions available at your own pace. You can also book the car rental at Chania airport before you come. It is recommended for you to do it as you will be able to stay away from frustrations.

What are the most prominent attractions in Chania?

Last but not least, it is better if you can have a basic understanding about all the prominent attractions that are available in Chania. This will tempt you to book your vacation and come to Chania.

Here is a list of some of the most prominent attractions that you will be able to discover in Chania. 

  • Archeological museum

The archeological museum can be considered as the most popular attraction that you can discover in Chania. It is not just limited to the archeologists.  You can walk into the museum and learn a lot about Chania. You will also be able to deep dive and explore the history of Chania during the stay.

  • Naval Museum

Naval Museum is a wonderful and an outstanding attraction that you can discover in Chania This will provide you with a clear understanding about the history of Crete. In addition to that, you can also learn a lot about the moving history of Crete during the time you spend at Naval Museum.

  • Villages near Chania

You will also be able to find a large number of villages near Chania When you are spending your time in these villages, you will be able to get into meaningful conversations with old men, play cards with them and even argue with them. Then you can locate a stretch of beach and immerse yourself in a outstanding experience. You are encouraged to visit these beaches along with your children and you will be able to provide them with a bunch of unique treats.