Bags! What will we do without them? Over the course of time bags have been refined to suit the time and purpose. Needless to say, that still holds true today but in this modern era bags especially for women have become as essential as the smartphone. Bags now our days have transcended into something more, it’s no wonder we no longer see bags as a one piece of functionality.



For women, bags have become more of a fashion statement and one type of bag that has stood out is the Clutch bag. So what is a clutch bag?

A clutch bag is a functional fashion accessory commonly used by women and is usually in-between the size of a handbag and a purse. It can hold ladies items like a lipstick, money, credit card, powder, phone and all other small things needed. Also, it is commonplace to find a woman with a clutch bag as they are very much in fashion these days. The reason for their popularity is partly due to their versatility. You can carry one to a soiree dinner as well as the local mall. Clutch bags look good with jeans and an off-shoulder top as well as an evening gown and despite their small size, they can make an outfit stand out. Some fashion journalists even say you could tell a person by their clutch bags.

It should be noted that there are different types of clutch bags and despite their versatility choosing a clutch bag will depend on the occasion at hand. For example, wedding clutch bags. Wedding and evening clutch bags are somewhat interchangeable. The purpose of these bags is to complement your attire and like the name suggest they are meant to be worn to a formal event like a wedding. They are available in a wide array of styles and can be clutched in the hand (hence the name) or hanged around the shoulder with straps or chains. You can augment a clutch bag by adding a detachable strap to make it more functional. These bags are also designed with security and safety in mind so they often have magnetic latch/snaps, zip closure or both.


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Tip: if you want to buy a nice clutch bag as a gift for that girl you like or a loved one and you are not sure about the color just go for the classic silver clutch bag.