Are you going to your first dental visit soon? The good news is that it doesn’t need to be as scary as it sounds. Many people have a fear of visiting the dentist. It is very normal and something that shouldn’t scare you. With that said, there are some ways that you can prepare yourself for the dentist and know that will happen so that you have the best possible experience. Keep reading as the dentist in Noblesville IN experts explains what happens the first time seeing a dentist. 


Understand any issues

It’s important before you go to the dentist to think about any issues, pain, or discomfort you have experienced since you last saw them. This will help you to communicate with any areas they will want to look into further. Places that may only have heard for a day or two can be a sign that something more serious is going on and the dentist should take a look. This can cause an issue not to become a full problem and you can end up saving yourself a lot of time and money in the end. 


Have your medical card with you

It’s important to have your insurance card with you when you go. You will want to also bring identification so that the dental practice can verify that that is you. If you don’t have insurance, make sure that you bring a form of payment so that it can all be taken care of once your appointment is over. 


Show up early

It’s important to show up early. This is respectful for the practice so that they do not start running behind for other people during future appointments. Showing up early will also give you a lot of time to fill out any paperwork they require. This will include signing forms and explaining any issues you are currently experiencing or any you have experienced in the past. This will help the dental practice to understand you more and you will get more out of your time with them. You also don’t want to cut your time short with the dentist just because you were running behind. Book the appointment when you know that you have enough time to spend with the dentist. 


Drink water

If you want to make your best possible impression then it is time to start drinking water. Make sure that you stay hydrated before you for your dental appointment. Bring water with you so that you can sip it while you wait. Getting dehydrated can happen when you are a bit nervous and that can end up causing bad breath. Do your future self a favor and drink plenty of water while you wait. 


Take X Rays

If you have not seen this specific dentist before and you did not have your records transferred over from your previous dentist than the dental office will want to do x rays. These should only take a couple of minutes and they will be able to then have your x rays right up on the screen for you afterward. This will give the dentist a great insight into what is happening all around your mouth, even the spots they are not able to see. In many cases, this also can save an issue from becoming a problem later on. If you are younger, they also can see baby teeth growing and any crooked teeth that can end up causing an issue. 


Speak with the dentist

It’s now time to speak with your dentist and they can answer any questions that you have. If you wrote them down, then you can simply read them and even take notes if you want to. It’s important to ask them any questions that are on your mind. It’s okay to be embarrassed but truly try and ask them the questions you have had in between appointments so that you can get any answers you are looking for. The dentists never mind and truly enjoy answering questions because it shows that you care about your oral health. 


Have your teeth cleaned

The final step is to have your teeth cleaned by the dental hygienist. You will sit one on one with them, or with a dental assistant too to go over your mouth. They will clean them in-depth and by the end of your teeth and gums will feel all clean again. This part typically takes about 30 minutes and they will end with flossing your teeth and going over any areas you may be missing during your regular routine. Although you probably don’t even realize you are always missing the same areas, it’s so important to note this from the dental hygienist so that you can avoid future issues with your mouth and take the time to get at those areas you may have been neglecting in the past. 

As you can see, it’s not nearly as scary as it sounds. Depending on which dentist you see and if you have ever seen them before will determine the specific steps here. Also, if you have more questions or issues, that can end up taking longer. For a general stop to see your dentist, these are the steps. 


We hope that that helped and you are on your way to enjoying your first dental appointment with a new practice, or at least putting yourself at ease once you read this.