Did you know that you can use your iPhone as a universal remote for your very own smart home? Yes, that is right as you can use the Apple Home Kit turn your home into a smart home. Control all your smart lighting with Apple Home Kit, it is just what you need in life. The smart home service is so easy to use that you can simply say to your iPhone “Siri, I have made it home” and your door will automatically unlock. Once you enter your home, you will experience a relaxing space where the temperature is just right and the lighting is perfect.


So What Is the Apple Home Kit Exactly?

The Apple Home Kit is a single system/platform which allows you to control all the smart home devices from just one place. It enables you to easily adjust the locks, lights, thermostat, music, television, and many other smart home devices in multiple rooms. Thus, you get to create the perfect environment in your home. With the Apple Home Kit, creating the right ambiance can be done with just a few taps on your iPhone or any other Apple device. It can even be used for controlling the smart home devices remotely. Although Apple Home Kit is not compatible with as many devices as Amazon’s Alexa or Google Assistant, it is steadily becoming compatible with new devices. Offering a solid base of supported plugs, lights, locks, and more, the Apple Home Kit is a gift from Apple to its fans. It is only the beginning of the smart future.


What Can One Do Using Apple Home Kit?

When you use the Apple Home Kit, you get to switch on and off the lights, you can also dim the lights, switch on and off smart devices or devices which are connected to outlets that use smart switches or plugs, adjust the thermostat, lock and unlock the doors, see who is at the door, and much more. It does not get better than this. Apple wants to ensure that just about anyone can transform their home into a smart home. Novices have nothing to worry about as the Apple Home Kit is extremely easy to use and even your grandparents should be able to make use of it.


What Is Apple Home Kit For iPhone?

The Apple Home app allows you to control all smart home devices securely. It works with the Apple Home Kit accessory. The app lets you organize accessories according to the room, control the home with Siri, manage multiple accessories in real time, and much more. It is an app which turns your iPhone into a universal remote control which you can use to control all smart home devices. Moreover, it allows you to control your smart home from just about anywhere in the world.


Do You Need a Hub For Apple Home Kit?

If you are at home, then, you can use the Apple Home app for controlling the wifi or Bluetooth enable smart home compatible devices. With just a tap on the screen, you can switch on or off the devices, and much more. Moreover, to control the smart home devices when not at home, you will require a fourth or third generation Apple TV which runs on at least TV OS 9. You can also make use of an iPad or Home Pod that runs on at least iOS 10. You must have a fourth generation Apple TV that runs on TV OS 10, an iPad or Home Pod that runs iOS 10. The same applies for users that desire to set up home automation like programming events or turning on and off the air conditioning, heat, and lights when you enter your home.


How to Use Apple Home Kit?

In order to use the Apple Home Kit, you need to first set it up. All you need to do is open the Home app for your iOS device to start using it. Tap on the plus sign that appears on the top right corner for connecting to a device or creating a specific scene. For your Apple TV, you need to head over to settings and choose accounts. Next, sign into your iCloud using the same Apple ID which you are using for your iOS device. That is about it, the Apple TV will now connect to the home hub.


How Does the Apple Home Kit Communicate?

Wifi connection or Bluetooth is required for connecting the home kit devices to the hub. It can be tricky for some devices as the Bluetooth range of the hub is normally 30 feet. Thus, it might be a good idea to consider buying a Bluetooth range extender which will help broaden the Bluetooth range so that you can easily make use of the Apple Home Kit.


Which Smart Home Devices Work With the Apple Home Kit?

A great thing about the Apple Home Kit is that it is quickly becoming compatible with more and more home kit appliances. It works with smart lighting devices such as those by Eve, Hue, and Philips, for controlling the temperature in your home you can make use of a Honeywell thermostat and August Smart Locks for keeping your house safe. There are many other brands as well that are compatible to the Apple Home Kit. Moreover, there are many devices that are also compatible such as window sensors, facial-recognition security systems, floor sensors, and more. The Apple Home Kit provides you with the opportunity to use a universal remote control for managing just about every smart home device possible from just about anywhere around the world. Furthermore, smart plugs are compatible with the Apple Home Kit and let you switch on and off many devices.



The Apple Home Kit is the future. It offers many cool features and lets you control your home with just a tap on your device. With the Apple Home Kit, it is easier than ever before to control your home and ensure that it is safe.