When you want to buy CBD, you will notice there are a variety of different colors on the market. Sometimes you have green CBD oil, other times there’s the CBD oil gold. So there are definitely a multitude of different things to take into consideration here, and that’s exactly the thing to keep in mind.

Why is CBD oil gold?

The CBD oil gold coloring appears when you usually have isolate oil, and in this case you have CBD extracted solely from the plant, and the isolate is what gives that golden color to the oil. In case the oil drops are full spectrum, you have all cannabinoids broken down, and then they are put back together. The focus is to filter out any phytocomplex, a crucial aspect to take into consideration. This process can also give you that golden color because it takes some coloring from the MCR carrier oil.

That’s why the CBD oil gold color doesn’t mean you have only a specific type of CBD. As you can see, it can be isolate oil, but also full spectrum. So it’s better to check the list of ingredients if you want to make a bit of a difference. It can definitely help you implement a better set of results, and in the end you will be very impressed with the process and how it all comes together.

Does the CBD oil color matter?

Usually CBD oil color doesn’t matter, but it can indicate the quality. The golden color usually suggests that you had carriers or some other compounds in there too. It all depends on the situation and you can easily adapt and implement it in a way that truly works and conveys an amazing experience. Other things like the extraction technique and variables can end up affecting the quality and color.


CBD oil gold comes highly recommended, and it can be a bit less expensive when compared to other CBD oil options. It’s a very good idea to give it a try for yourself, and you will be amazed with its quality, value and amazing experience. Yes, CBD oil gold is still a great quality product, and while it’s not as complex as other options, it can still offer you a very good result. Color does matter, but that doesn’t mean the quality is much lower based on that. Which is why CBD oil gold comes highly recommended!

Decarbing is oimportant

CBD Oil Gold is decarboxylated. This ensures that any cannabinoids present are in their activated form. This can be important and significant in the case of many diseases. For example, with diseases that are inflammatory. For example Crohn’s disease. This is an autoimmune disease that can affect the entire gastrointestinal tract. Effects of this include abdominal pain, frequent diarrhea, bleeding and severe pain and cramps. Decarbing ensures that the precursors of cannabinoids, such as CBDa, are activated into their pure form. With CBDa it would be CBD, with THCa it is THC. After decarbing, the CBD effect is perceived more strongly or the “high” is produced with THC.