A few months ago, I moved to a new home, and now, I am a resident of a big city. The changes are enormous for a boy who was brought up in a small village in Canada spending time mostly with cattle, not humans. I can’t say that I was sure I had to go up for such big changes, but fate decided instead of me. I left school and seemed to have one more irresponsible summer, but one conversation with my father forced me to look at my life from a different angle.

One morning, my darling dad sat in front of me and took a deep breath. After a few silent moments, he began an uncomfortable chat. The point was that now, he could ask me to rely more on myself, as his farm hadn’t brought us a lot of profit, and it became difficult to support the household. This information wasn’t new to me, but such a straightforward way to express it turned my mind upside down. It took time to process this information, but I tried my best and, in a few days, found myself packing a backpack. I wasn’t sure if it had been an offense or not, but I wanted to leave this place as fast as possible.

The next day, I began at the railway station with little money and expectation for a bright future. I saw a city from my small room in a rented apartment and didn’t see any opportunities to start a career or enter a college. The people who rented the other rooms there didn’t seem to be much happier, as they also hadn’t worked for top companies or so. It’s always difficult for me to make friends, and I spend a lot of time online, where I found my first job as a barista in a coffee shop nearby. That tiny place became my second home where I could be kind of useful to others, bringing them a cup of happiness with caffeine flavor. Of course, nobody left a tip.

One man became a regular guest in our coffee shop, so one day, I even tried to start a small talk with him. I didn’t actually remember what we were talking about, but I got the point that he was also lonely, but much more successful than me. During one of his visits, he mentioned gambling games. It’s worth saying I had never heard about an online casino. Canada always seemed to me the country that is not ready to let such kind of entertainment into the market. I was so desperate that the idea of ‘easy money’ sounded bold to me. So, I rejected the thought of trying these games.

Rejected until the next lonely evening in my tiny messy room. As I have said, socializing with the neighbors wasn’t my cup of tea, so I preferred to spend time in front of my laptop. I also saw an article about one of the best online casinos in Canada and followed the link. I saw that I can play the games for free there, and decided to try. I didn’t have any expectations to win. Furthermore, I didn’t even plan to put real money there. My father always told me where this free cheese is. What a thing! I won several times in a row in a demo mode. If I weren’t quite lucky in real life, might I be fortunate in a digital world? And with the idea that I had not much to lose, I placed a wager of real money and… believe me or not, I won! I won the real money. 

A few days later, after a few attempts to play online slots at a casino, I got bored and put off the games. I wanted to occupy my brain with something else, but a barista’s job didn’t make me engage my mind much. Then, I tried blackjack, and this turned into my passion. Here, I could play against a casino dealer and control the process and strategy. So, it’s never a waste of time. By the way, the prizes were much higher, and the game round could last longer than a spin of a slot, so my evenings were getting more and more entertaining. 

Like everybody, I enjoyed the bonuses for regular guests and tried the other games, but I can’t imagine my life without gambling anymore. I am planning to take part in a tournament, so wish me luck. Of course, I am still employed as a barista, but who knows, maybe in a few months, I will be able to change my small dirty room to something more pleasant and comfortable. I will be even able to send some money to support my father and suggest he joins the club of casino admirers as well.

I am grateful to that coffee shop’s client. Unfortunately, he doesn’t come anymore. Maybe, he can afford expensive restaurants now and feels no need to call in.