When it comes to League of Legends, it is truly a game that is full of terminologies. From ganking to smurfing bot, it can be difficult to understand at times what the specific phrases actually mean. If you ever played League of Legends for a long time, then you would have come across ELO boosting. However, this post looks at what ELO boosting is and why everyone seems to be talking about it.

The truth is that if you never came across or head of ELO boosting, then you have yet to be exposed to the secret world of League of Legends boosting. In order to understand what boost actually is and how it even works, this post has been prepared to help you become a pro at LOL.

By the time you are done reading this post, you will know exactly what ELO boosting is, why people use it and how you could actually benefit from ELO boosting on your own. So, let’s start.


What Is ELO Boosting?

ELO boosting is also referred to as Match Making Rating boosting (MMR), and it is a service where a high ELO player helps increase someone else’s match making rating in game rank by helping to boost them. It means that the player would offer the booster access to their account so that the service is fulfilled.

Once the booster reaches a certain league (Diamond, Platinum, etc) the boost would be complete, and the player would get the account back. The owner of that account could then play on their new division, or even decide to take it more further to start another boost.

The account owner would not be able to log into League of Legends to play during the boost unless they use a separate Smurf account. It means that they would either need to find something else so as to pass the time, or they would simply have to wait. Now, it might sound pretty straight forward, but why does one want someone to boost their League of Legends account in the first place. Let’s find out.


Advantages of ELO Boosting

ELO boosting allows players to achieve their goals through a number of different ways. For some players, the goal might be to unlock the end of Season Victorious skin and these players would often require a helping hand to accomplish their goal. While on the other hand, some players are more determined on beating their previous season rankings or might want to get into Master tier. Whereas, some players might even want to beat their friends and would do anything to ensure that they finish in a much higher division as compared to their friends. It does not matter what goal an LOL player might have as https://eloboost24.eu/ can make it all possible.

In terms of advantages that are offered by ELO boosting, there are just too many. The fist advantage which players get is that they do not have to spend all day having to play games and would be able to focus on different things in their life. There are even some players which get so fixed on trying to reach a particular achievement or division that they end up neglecting other parts of their life. Although, this is obviously not healthy, and would lead to a dark path for the players as they would consume a lot of LOL.

This is where the booster comes into place. It helps take the burden off from the player by providing a helping hand. This leads to players having plenty of time to do other things in their life while knowing that they are on their way to achieving their gaming goals.

Another great benefit of ELP boosting for League of Legends is that it ends up saving a lot for the players. Imagine being in Bronze 1 and wanting to get to Gold 5 at the very least. It would require months and months for you to try your best to even get to such a level. However, you could simply pay the booster to get you there within a few days period. Life is too short, so why waste months of your life to get to a certain level when the booster could take care of that for you.


Is Boosting Dangerous?

One of the questions that players normally have is whether boosting is dangerous. The truth is that in this modern age, it is understandable that one might be concerned about having their account stolen or being hacked. If that happened with you before, then you would want to know beforehand. The last thing that one might want would be to have their LOL account disappear after putting in years of hard work.


Where Can You Find ELO Boosting on the Internet?

As long as one buys boosting from a trusted and respectable booster such as from https://eloboost24.eu/ then they are in good hands. There is no need to worry about getting your account stolen or banned. The reputable company would use numerous methods to ensure that the account details get stored securely. In fact, the booster would never really see the details in the first place.



There are some quality ELO boosters on the internet and one can find them after going through reviews, forums and the Google Search Engine Results page. The thing about good boosters is that they use multiple unique IP addresses to ensure that hundreds of accounts do not get linked a single IP addresses. By following such security measures, the chances are extremely low for the account getting stolen or banned. It means that you should feel safe when you provide your account details to the boosting service provider.

The best thing about ELO boosters is that they normally cost only a few dollars and would the service ranges from $10 to even thousands of dollars. So, if you want to increase your division by some ranks, then you would not have to pay much. ELO boosting is worth the price.