Women are just as clueless about sex as men. However, at least men tend to have orgasms. Women on the other hand simply pretend to have climaxed. Research shows that orgasms improve our skin, reduce stress, and make us feel good. That is something worth considering. Women have a tough time reaching orgasm even through penetration. The reason behind this is that most women do not know much about the mysterious G spot.

So What Is The G Spot?

The G spot is a godly spot that allows you to achieve a mind-blowing vaginal orgasm. Chances are that you might have heard of it. As the media continues to promote female sexuality, women are finally learning more about their bodies and sexuality. Now that you know that you have a G spot and that it allows you to reach a beautiful orgasm, you should know that it is not as easy to reach orgasm even when you hit that G spot.

The G spot is called the Grafenberg spot. It was first introduced by Dr. Beverly Whipple when she discovered that it was possible for women to reach a physical response by using a “come here” motion in their vagina. Thus, she concluded that this region would allow women to orgasm while having sex.

Is It Common For Women To Orgasm?

A more interesting question that needs to be answered is how common is it for women to orgasm. The truth is that women cannot achieve orgasm through intercourse alone. According to a study conducted in 2017, it was found that only 18 percent of women reached orgasm through penetrative sex alone. It means that only a small percentage of women can orgasm without the use of hands, mouth, or sex toys. There is a need for clitoral stimulation as it helps women orgasm.

How Can You Reach Orgasm Using the G Spot?

If you have not achieved a vaginal orgasm, it does not mean that it is impossible. This is where the G spot comes into play. It allows women to climax during penetration. The G spot is part of the clitoral network. When you stimulate your G spot, you actually stimulate a part of your clitoris. Not many people know that the clitoris is a lot larger than what they might be misled into believing. The pea-sized nub is just the tip of your clitoris. The clitoris region needs to be stimulated so that the G spot would allow you to ejaculate. Thus, you will get to reach a vaginal orgasm.

Where Is The G Spot And How Can You Find It?

As women, our bodies are unique. This makes it difficult to find our G spot, especially for someone that has not gone over female anatomy. Rather than trying to find it through partnered sexual activity, you should locate it on your own through self-exploration. To find the G spot, you need to relax, use a g spot vibrator, and explore your body.


There are plenty of G spot vibrators in the market that you can browse through to find what you are comfortable with. All you have to do is massage your vagina and insert the sex toy to search for your G spot. It is about time that you learned to love yourself quite literally.