Are you looking for durable and efficient cone crushers to boost your industry performance? It is always hard to search for materials which are economical and contain the best quality for big industries. Worry not!

We have brought a review of an amazing foundry of China, the hub of technology, known as Nanjing Qiming Machinery to help our viewers find their way and knock at the right door.

Nanjing Qiming Machinery is one of the most popular alloy steel, manganese steel, chromium steel and heat-resisting steel manufacturers situated in China.

But first you need to know what exactly is a cone crusher.


What is a cone crusher?

Cone crushers are just like compactors crushers majorly used by compound, concrete, coal, hydraulic fracturing and mining industries which reduces the mass of a product by compressing or squeezing until it breaks.

Cone crushers are available in different forms. These could come in brushing, roller bearing, sleeve bearing and bearing shape. They offer a casting capacity of 12,000 kg unit and a volume of more than 700 tons per month.


Cone Crushers Parts Contain

  1. Main Frame Assembly
  2. Tramp Release Assembly
  3. Countershaft Box Assembly
  4. Adjustment Ring Assembly
  5. Eccentric Assembly
  6. Lube System
  7. Piping Assembly
  8. Socket Assembly
  9. Bowl Assembly
  10. Head Assembly
  11. Feed Plate Assembly
  12. Hydraulic Circuit Assembly
  13. Hopper Assembly
  14. Tools Assembly
  15. Sheave Assembly
  16. Accessories Assembly


How are cone crushers used?

The material is placed between a fast rotating chunk of steel, a mantle and a stagnant steel piece shaped like a bowl. As it gets smaller, the material moves down eventually reaching the bottom of the machine.

Cone Crusher Wear Parts

The wear parts of a cone crusher offer mechanical durability, speed and reliability. Qiming machine cone crusher parts are easy to use and cost friendly with various designs available for your ease.

Wear parts available for compressing, mining and cement industries cut down the cost by expanding wear life and reducing downtime.

These parts include:

  • Cone Liner
  • Bowl Liner
  • Torch Ring

Types of Cone Crusher Wear Parts

Manufactured in their own foundry, Nanjing Qiming Machinery offers cone crusher wear parts which are a perfect fit for your industry. From supervising the selection of raw materials to the completion of final products, you will be content to receive their products and services.

Qiming Machine Cone Crusher Wear Parts have the following types of categories:

  • Manganese Cone Crusher Wear Parts: The strength of manganese steel in the solution and water quench is approximately 220 HB. It can also extend to 500 HB. There are three grades of manganese cone crusher wear parts i.e. Mn14, Mn18 and Mn22. The properties vary from grade to grade. You will find high impact resistance, high abrasion resistance as well as low impact resistance and low abrasion resistance, depending upon your demand.
  • TIC Cone Crusher Wear Parts: These Titanium Carbide Cone Crusher Wear Parts are known for their extraordinary durable performance. The design varies accordingly. They offer Mn14, Mn18 and Mn22 linear bodies. The TIC bars measure 20mm-60mm. Coupled with this, they have outstanding casting and heating treatment. These in return increase wear parts longevity, preserve strength and lower maintenance cost.
  • Alloy Steel and Micro-alloying Cone Crusher Wear Parts: Nanjing Qiming Machinery design alloy in line with expertise provided by their engineers based on efficient data collection methods. Since Micro-alloying has a higher amount of carbon and manganese content, more skill and effort is needed to manufacture them in order to support incredible wear resistance. Micro-alloying cone crushers save labor cost, time. It is also 30% more methodical and productive than ordinary manganese steel parts.

Cone Crusher Spare Parts

Nanjing Qiming Machinery is in collaboration with other foundries to strengthen the credibility and offer originality to their products and services.

Also, they have a large stock of brands crusher spare parts to minimize the delivery time.

Spare Parts for Different Types of Crushers

  1. Cone Crusher Frames: In line with advanced technology and development, Nanjing Qiming Machinery’s frames are designed in the best way to preserve longevity of the product.
  2. Cone Crusher Mainshaft: These types of cone crashers meet the exact standards of permanence and engineered integrity.
  3. Cone Crusher Eccentrics: Smooth mechanical operations is the backbone of industrial activities. Be it sleeved or gray iron, cone crusher eccentrics would never disappointment you.
  4. Cone Crusher Heads: The harder it is, the better the product becomes. Many machineries lose their strength as they exert pressure to crush tough rocks and ore. Qiming Machinery takes special care of their customer’s concerns. Cone Crusher Heads provide efficient service while being able to resist the crushing burden.
  5. Cone Crusher Bushings: For your satisfaction, these cone crusher bushings contain quality lead and aluminum bronze to ensure flawless and smooth performance.
  6. Cone Crusher Pinions And Gears: High speed power transfer is one of the crucial aspects of industrial performance. Whether you go for straight tooth or spiral bevel, Nanjing’s Qiming Machinery will make sure to provide you with the best option.
  7. Cone Crusher Pinion Shafts and CounterShafts: These types of cones also ensure high power delivery.
  8. Cone Crusher Adjustment Rings and Bowls: Their Adjustment Rings and Bowls are specifically made to surpass the forces originated by crushing rock and ore.

Why should you go for Qiming Machinery Cone Crusher Wear Parts?

  • They have been providing services for over 20 years in this field
  • Support easier replacement and smooth performance
  • Cost effective and outstanding quality
  • Products have longer wear resistance saving your time and money
  • They store large stock of crusher wear parts for instant deliveries
  • Along with professional sales, post sales services are also available for their customers.


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