What Qualifies as A Talcum Powder Injury Claim?

Ever since the overwhelming amount of lawsuits against the Johnson & Johnson baby powder brand has surfaced in the last year, the discussion about talcum powder injuries has been opened. But how can you tell if you are eligible for one?


Why is Talcum Powder Dangerous?

Talcum powder is made of talc, a naturally occurring mineral that, through its composition, can result in a consumer’s contact with a carcinogen chemical called asbestos.

Asbestos has deep links to lung, stomach, and ovarian cancer, and through the brand’s informative negligence, you might inadvertently be inhaling copious amounts of carcinogen dust that will cause you great suffering later down in life.

Johnson & Johnson have repeatedly refused to label their talc-based products as a potential carcinogen, and even though their specific brand of baby powder has been pulled from the market as of May 2020, the threat still remains in many other similar brands and products.

Baby Powder Manufacturers

Johnson & Johnson’s talcum baby powder isn’t the only suspect in the mesothelioma and ovarian cancer battle, and as a market vacuum has been created with the recall of their product, the competition is now in the spotlight.

One such competitor, Gold Bond, uses talc in the chemical compounding of the large majority of their products.

While Gold Bond has not suffered the negative legal publicity that Johnson & Johnson had to endure for their product’s rampant popularity, any powder that contains talc as its primary compound implicitly runs the risk of exposing its customer to the pitfalls of asbestos.

However, one important difference between the chemical structure of the two personal hygiene brands is that Gold Bond does not base its baby powder chemical formula on talc, but rather on corn-starch, a much safer alternative.

That being said, customers should still be aware of their purchasing habits, and make sure that they are engaging in a proper investigation of the product’s label.

No brand that uses talc as its main product compound can realistically promise the absence of risk in developing asbestos-induced cancer.

Other Personal Use Products

Talc isn’t present only in baby or adult body powder. In fact, you might be surprised at just how many personal hygiene and beauty products might contain talc. Before you appeal to legal aid, consider the following information about your talc-free alternatives:


Ranging from foundation all the way to lipstick, the vast majority of make-up products contain talc.

This is to be expected, after all, make-up needs to stay on your face and be as moisture-resistant as possible. That is the industry standard.

Fortunately, when it comes to branded products, the world of make-up is filled with companies that use a varied and diverse chemical formula for each and every one of their products.

You just have to look for the one that’s right for your talc-free needs.

Solid Deodorants

Due to their moisture-absorbent purpose, branded deodorants are talc-based, and in the case of unknowing customers, that isn’t a problem.

However, deodorants are incredibly prone to over-usage. We have a tendency to rely on their scent-masking and moisture-prevention properties a little too much, especially during the warm summer months.

This, in turn, can mean an over-exposure to asbestos.

GMO-free alternatives are recommended for general usage, and they are quite easy to find. The absence of talc, aluminum and any other harmful substances, added with the positive environmental factor, make them an ideal go-to.

Appealing to a Legal Representative

Now that we’ve looked at the products that could lead you into a situation of requiring legal aid, who can you appeal to, exactly?

The answer lies in a talcum powder attorney, and in their expertise of personal injury law.

A talcum powder injury claim falls under the legal area of personal injury, because of your unwarranted victimization through professional negligence and consumer malpractice.

Through the help of a specialized lawyer that greatly empathizes with your suffering, you will be able to receive the necessary compensation that you are entitled to for your suffering at the hands of talcum powder companies.