What is better between Home Gym and Gym membership?

Our home. Our work. Our life. Pick any three because all are so much more enjoyable when we maintain our overall health. Wide-awake individuals like us know keeping our bodies fit has a direct and positive effect on every aspect of our lives.

The short answer in terms of the ‘which is better’ debate comes down to commitment. A person leaning toward a gym membership may have questions such as:

Do I need a professional trainer to guide me? Would I prefer a more social atmosphere? Am I okay with waiting to use the more popular machines?

A person leaning towards using a home-based gym may have questions such as:

Do I have enough space for a home gym? Am a self-motivated? I have concerns about working out in a social atmosphere.

The questions then will entail you to know you. Here’s how to nail you down.


4 Benefits of Home Gym

  1. Hygiene

Let’s face it, this one is a biggie. The world has changed. And the tale is so scary microbial.

The everyday COVID-19 news item means we now mask-up, keep social distances to a minimum; as well as forego former social environments. Those of us that know may have passing thoughts about:

How clean is clean?

How many gym members actually wash their hands, regularly?

Did the guy next to my station cough once too many times for my comfort?

But this never-knowing doesn’t have to be in your home space. Because you know what you know (e.g., air-borne droplets are unseen), you understand germs are a fact-of-life. You also know the things in your residence are safe. Health-conscious consumers are always open to exploring more intelligent options. Sometimes that may mean bringing your workout facility in-house. It’s about having a certain peace-of-mind.


  1. Time-saving

We all lead such busy lives today. Anything we can do to reduce the 24-hour time element would have to be considered a plus. Newsflash: it can be. Ever thought about just how much time you could save by having your gym within your home? Here are just a few things to consider:

No commute in your vehicle

No waiting for the gym machine hog to finish his workout

Work out as long (or short) as you want


  1. Set Your Equipment To Your Specs

A home-based gym will make your workouts more productive. Spend more time actually working out, instead of setting up each workstation — getting ready to workout.

Get your workout on. Get it done. Get back to the other parts of your life. Over time you can look back and smile at not only cost savings but time-savings as well.


  1. Money-saving

For some, this is where the rubber meets the road. As a fully-functioning adult, you know the positives you reap from having a strong body. On fronts having to do with current and future reduced healthcare costs, a one-time investment is minimal.

Money-wise, we invest in things that return value to us, whether in the present or future. Our children’s education, the stock market, our relationships, and more. Over time a one-time up-front cost will become negligible.

If you’ve read this far it’s a strong indication you value your health. The good physical condition doesn’t just happen. People like us make it happen. One of the ways (besides eating right) we make that happen is investing in a home gym.


Is it worth to invest $1,000 for a home gym?

You know those mornings you wake up with that all-encompassing burst of energy? Maybe you feel like pushing some serious iron to work your upper body. Or you want to get your cardio on. Perhaps you feel a strong urge to do some serious lower body power lifts. But you dread driving to the gym, or anywhere.


Enter: your very own home-based gym.


On all fronts, if your gym is inside your home it’s a wise investment. Here’s why:

Your workout station is inside your home. Go to your gym at any hour — and your preferred energy levels. It’s set-up to your specification. Every component piece is set-it-and-forget-it just for you. You know just who’s (you) been using it.


The Money Issue

(in perspective)

Moreover, when you think of all of the other little cost that finds their way into your family’s budget, consider the costs you many spend yearly on things such as:

Your favorite coffee shop (as well as a watering hole)

Lazily vegging out in front of cable television

Restaurants and junk food items

As well as the daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly impulse purchases we often succumb to. Investing in a home gym shows a commitment to your well-being and your future self. The world will keep moving. Your body will change.


Wouldn’t it be great if you could be one of the lucky ones who demonstrated foresight, beforehand? Positive results can be achieved from a home gym under 1000. The question is really are you ready to commit.