Getting involved in deadly car accidents isn’t that rare of an occurrence anymore. In the US, it’s quite possible for you to get involved in any sort of minor or major car accident, about three to four times in a lifetime. Having not only the car crashed but the body wounded and injured after getting involved in any sort of car accident comes as a huge concern to the victim. Claiming your medical bills, gas mileage and other car repairing expenses from the perpetrator is very imperative and often not an easy job. The victim should always be smart enough to make claims for compensation and start the entire procedure in time.

·      Call 911:

As soon as the incident occurs, if you’re conscious, make sure to call 911 as soon as possible. If told to do otherwise, do not stop from calling the officials in any case. Refuse to accept any of the unfavorable suggestions made by the person at-fault during any point in time. Make sure you tell 911 the complete location details and other potential dangers like gas leakage in the car as well. When they arrive at the spot, make sure you never make any definite statement regarding the accident or the person to blame if you’re dizzy or unconscious due to the injuries caused.

·      Seek Medical Assistance:

Getting involved in a car accident causes you to get injured; the wounds might be big or small but always need some sort of aid. Don’t put off visiting a doctor even if the wounds aren’t that serious. Because in case you do so, you might not to be able to claim your injury for compensation. So make sure that you seek medical assistance from your own doctor or from the emergency department of your nearest hospital. Keep track of all the medical expenses, collect the bills and invoices and keep them intact. This can aid in timely compensation of your medical costs.

·      Get an Attorney:

This is the most integral step to navigate through the entire procedure: you need to get an experienced lawyer to proceed further with the process as soon as you can. Handling the case on your own is a quite a risky move to make. The reason to get a lawyer is that lawyers are thoroughly informed about the legal techniques and procedures for timely compensation, knowing your claims. Not only can they help you keeping in mind your best interest, but guide you thoroughly to navigate the situation a lot more smartly than you can all alone. Various lawyers are available for every different state. Lawyer Elizabethtown KY is a really good source to get all the assistance you will require.

·      Contact the Defendant’s Insurance Company:

As a plaintiff, it is quite possible that the person at-fault compels you to negotiate the issue outside the court so that you don’t take any big initiative. The defendant’s insurance company has an agenda is to use every possible way to shut the case in the least amount of money possible. The insurance company adjusters are trained to be as soft and pleasing with words as they can be, with an ulterior motive of getting you least amount of compensation. However in case you have hired an attorney, the perpetrator’s insurance company won’t be contacting you directly and will negotiate with your attorney for the final settlement.

·      Make a Detailed Set of Claims:

As a plaintiff, make sure to gather as many details as possible. If you can, take multiple photographs of the scene shortly from your phone. If you’ve got any other on-looker around the scene, make sure you have your attorney contact them as well. Keep all the expenses including the bills and transcripts documented. Make sure you document the accident scene as early as possible so the memory is still fresh. This can help you make stronger arguments against the defendant.

·      Keep Your Cool During the Process:

The perpetrator’s insurance company or lawyer will make all possible attempts to get you mad and frustrated so that you lose your temper and make a wrong move. By libeling you to evoke a bad reaction, they will try their best to make the tables turn in their favor. So it is advised that in this situation, you should always stay calm and be as cool as a cucumber. Remember to answer their questions and inquiries as calmly as you possibly can.

·      Talk To Your Insurance Company:

It’s important to contact your insurance company as well in case of a car accident. Firstly, as a contractual obligation, it is important for you to inform them in case of any unfortunate happening. Alongside that, they can help you pay for all the medical expenditures and car repairing cost. The other party might sue you beforehand just to play safe. So you might have to contact your insurance company early enough to get protection against any lawsuit filed against you from the defendant’s side.

·      Keep In Mind the ‘The Statute Of Limitations’:

The Statute of Limitations is the deadline declared by every state of the US for starting procedure. Normally, time starts at the very day of the accident. These deadlines can vary for each state, however you need to claim your injury in time. Keep in mind the declared deadlines so that you actually succeed in getting your due compensations. If you fail to keep up with the required timeframe in mind, you will be losing all your compensations for the claimed personal injury. That way the perpetrator’s side can easily win, paying for none of your claims.


So if you’ve been injured and wounded by any car accident, do not panic or worry. Stay calm and start the procedure for compensation early enough. It is often quite hard to do every step on your own, especially if you’re injured. You can always look out for legal help in that case.

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