Cannabis growers, without a doubt, might know everything about the flavor, effects, strain, and color of cannabis. But what about the seeds? You cannot forget about these little chaps. Even a cannabis pro who is familiar with the seeds, might not know everything there is to know about the seeds.

The thing about the cannabis seeds is that they all look the same, but, these speckled nuggets are full of different variations. The same seed that is used for creating refined Sativa or industrial hemp is also used for auto-flowering marijuana.

So, in this post, I will be sharing some interesting facts about cannabis seeds.

Let us dive in!

1.    You Can Eat Cannabis Seeds

Some people might know this, cannabis seeds are edible. What they might not know is how good they are for you. For instance, Cannabis Sativa L. seeds are rich in nutrients like protein, and Essential Fatty Acids (EFA) Omega 3, 6, and 9.

Well, since there is no difference in the content of EFA of seeds, you can eat hemp seeds as they are cheaper than cannabis seeds. The only difference is in the THC content; cannabis seeds do not contain any psychoactive substances.

2.    It is a Collector’s Item

The possession of cannabis seeds in several countries is legal. This might come as a surprise, germinating them is severely punished. Many people preserve the cannabis seeds just in the hope that the rules will change, and they can grow cannabis at home.

3.    It’s Not About the Size

Many people have a misconception that in cannabis seeds size matters. They believe that the bigger the size of the seed, the better-quality plant will grow from it. It’s not true. Commonly, the size of the cannabis seed is equal to a matchhead. Though the size can be large as well, it can range from a tomato see to a small pea. However, the size does not indicate the quality of the plant.

4.    Use of Cannabis is Not New

Well, many people are, now, aware of the fact that the use of cannabis seeds is not new. It has been used by our ancestors for decades. In 2007, the oldest cannabis seeds were found in a grave in China. The seeds dated back 2,700 years ago. Unfortunately, we only know we have a relationship with cannabis for thousands of years, but nobody exactly knows. We can only guess.

5.    Hundreds of Seeds Can be Obtained from a Single Plant

Yes, you read it right. A single cannabis plant can produce thousands of seeds. But it depends on the efficiency of pollination and the size of the plant. Some strains are bred for improving the production of seeds. This usually happens when the seeds are the primary food source.

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6.    Cannabis Seeds Look the Same

As mentioned above, cannabis seeds look the same. This means there is no visible difference between feminized cannabis seeds, industrial hemp seeds, auto-flowering seeds, and regular cannabis seeds. So, if somebody ever tells you that they can differentiate between seeds by simply looking at them, don’t trust them.

There is no difference between them; this why you should get seeds from a reliable company.

I hope these facts will help you understand the cannabis seeds in a better way.

7.    The More Time You Leave Cannabis Seeds, The Better Plant You Will Have

This is another common misconception. It doesn’t have anything to do with the growth or quality of the plant. Just for a second, think about it. If it was true, wouldn’t the oldest cannabis seed be quite a valuable thing? Well, it is not that valuable.

8.    Keep Them Cool

The best way to store cannabis seeds is by keeping them in between temperature 5 to 7 degrees Celsius. This means you can easily store it in the door of the refrigerator. Of course, there are considerations as well to keep them safely stores. You will have to keep the seeds dry to avoid premature germination and mold.

9.   Germinate by Accident

There is an urban legend of an old lady spilling some bird food in her garden that she rarely visited. She was arrested after 6 months for growing cannabis plant in her garden. It is an old tale and it has never been negated or authenticated. But in 2014, a similar event actually took place.

So, we know that hemp seeds are an ingredient in bird food. This means you have to be extremely careful when spreading bird food in your garden.

10.  Hemp Oil is Obtained by Compressing Cannabis Seeds

Many people think hemp oil is only obtained from compressing the cannabis plant. It might be surprising; the cannabis seeds make the best hemp oil. This is because they have 0.3% THC content, which is, of course, a legal requirement.

11.   Cannabis Seeds Is Used for Spiritual Purposes

In many cultures, cannabis seeds are used for spiritual purposes. For example, the followers of Taoist religion believe when hemp seeds are mixed with ginseng, it will enable them to see the future. Another belief is that by eating hemp seeds, they can prevent the demons from entering their life.

Bonus: Tips for Growing Cannabis

According to experts, it is crucial for pre-soaking the seeds before planting them. You can layer them with moist tissues and keep them safe until the root of the plant can be seen.

Overall, cannabis seeds have plenty of usages and are beneficial for everyone. This is because it contains only the good stuff. It has been used for treating various health conditions. Cannabis seeds can prove to be helpful for relieving pain and nervousness. It is a good laxative and can also treat nausea. The seeds are full of nutrients, making it good for our bodies.

Are there any facts that you would like to share with us? Let us know in the comments below!