What to Know Before Buying Jute Rugs.

If you are looking for a natural and eco-friendly styled home, it is time for you to jump onto the jute rug bandwagon. Made from dried jute plant fibres, it is long lasting and easy to clean. When the jute rug is placed in your house it will make it a home. A home that thrives with trend and screams sophistication.

Similar to any other purchase you’re willing to make, it is important to know what your money is going towards. When caring for yourself you know that as beautiful as you are, sometimes you may get a little stressed and worn out and in response will give yourself a little bit of pampering. Well your jute rug, like yourself, can get a little worse for wear without being cared for. With some love and affection your jute rug will always look as good as new!


Jute Rugs Have Texture

Jute is rough fibre made from stems of a tropical plant. The fibre is then spun into strong, coarse threads and put into use, mostly used for home décor purposes. We of course love jute most in the form of rugs.

As jute rugs are made from plants, their texture is incomparable to any other rug. Most people would expect a rough, grassy fabric, but that’s where most people would be wrong. Take your shoes off and enjoy the soft and pleasant texture of your new rug as it is not what you would expect. Prepare to expect a smooth and comfy rug that you may choose to sit on over the couch!

A jute rug is family friendly. Even if you have a furry little friend the rug will hold its shape. Your children will enjoy playing with their toys on the rug. Your dogs and cats will love a nap on the rug, if you don’t beat them to it, that is.


Jute Rugs Are Durable, If You Look After Them

Jute rugs are incredibly durable, giving your home a welcoming and modern look for many years. They are easy to clean and only require a thorough vacuum every so often. You would be surprised by how little dust gathers on the rug.

Although jute rugs do not react well to excessive moisture and should not be placed in bathrooms or kitchens, they make the perfect addition to any lounge, bedroom or study.

As jute rugs are made of natural fibres, their colour may change over time when exposed to too much light. To avoid discolouration remember to move your rug from time to time, allowing you to enjoy its unique colour for years.

Due to its natural fibres, it’s important note that your jute rug may sprout. Do not fret- if your rug happens to sprout, simply cut off the extra threads!

Give your rug love and it will love you back, making your home as beautiful as you’d ever wished.


Jute Rugs Are Stylish

It is guaranteed that having a jute rug in your home will immediately provide flavour and poise. It is never out of fashion and it will always make your friends and family jealous.

Often you’ll find jute rugs located in homes with a minimalistic nature or Earthy vibe. But the jute rug is not strict to any one-type of style. The jute rug is versatile and with the right furniture and accessories paired with it, it will look stunning!

Whether you’ve adopted a vintage mood in your space or a modern-contemporary vibe, a jute rug will take that extra step towards creating character and personality. If you’re after a more bold and courageous jute rug, look into a jute rug with a darker tone, like a charcoal. For a more subtle and neutral appearance try a pale coloured rug.



This rug will not only change your home for the better, but it will change you for the better with the confidence to show off your space and its welcoming nature to your friends and family.