Cats are great, the opinions of dog lovers notwithstanding. The independence that so many people decry in cats is actually one of their main attractions.  The thing is, while people often complain that cats are standoffish, they need attention too, just like any other animal. They may not be as over-the-top demonstrative as dogs are, but they will make know their need for some TLC.

Additionally, cats are generally fastidious about their personal grooming, frequently washing and cleaning themselves. They’re neater in their eating habits than dogs too. Whereas dogs habitually strew bits and pieces of their food all over the floor, cats seldom do that. Moreover, cats are some of the cutest animals in the world.


Cat Videos

YouTube abounds with hilarious videos of cats shadowboxing with their reflections in the mirror, bouncinlitterg sideways in surprise at something, making unsuccessful leaps from one place to another, squeezing themselves into ridiculously tight places, and swatting at dogs. One sidesplitting video shows cats running on a treadmill with their back feet on the ground and their front ones on the treadmill. So yes, cats are cute.

Lest we forget, the Roomba may be a great robot vacuum cleaner, but for cats, it is a free ride some of them can’t get enough of. Cat owners, laughing in the background, have filmed plenty of footage of their cats riding a Roomba.

But where cats really excel is in their – to be delicate about it – bathroom habits.


The Poop Patrol

If you’ve ever owned a dog you know that housebreaking them is an exercise in extreme patience, combined with the liberal use of lots of furniture sanitizer and elbow grease. Dogs will go wherever they like – carpet, rug, couch, bed, etc. – until you finally get them housebroken. It is not an overnight process either. It may take a while.

Cats are different. Put them in the litter box one time (one time!) and that is the end of the housebreaking process. They will use the litter box from then on with no more prompting needed from you. Their age doesn’t make a difference either. They can be a six-week-old kitten or a grumpy old cat, it doesn’t matter. One trip to the litter box and that is it. It is really quite remarkable.


The Newest Thing In Litter Boxes

Just when you think there’s nothing new that can be invented in some field or other, someone surprises you by doing just that. Take a look at this Omega Paw Roll N Clean review to see what we mean.

The one thing about cats that people complain about the most is cleaning the litter box. That strong, head-turning ammonia smell is enough to make your eyes water if you get a big whiff of it. Getting down on your hands and knees to sift through the litter box with a strainer and dump out the clumps of matted litter and fecal deposits isn’t enjoyable. It’s just not fun. But if you don’t do it every single day, the odor will soon become so strong you’ll smell it from one end of the house to the other. Not good.


Ease Of Use

This new, covered litter box is rounded on one end. It has a built-in waste removal drawer with a special grate over it. How it works is this.

Once your cat has “done their business” in the box, wait an hour or so for the urine to create a solid clump in the litter. Slowly roll the box on the rounded end until it is upside-down. As it rolls, the litter is filtered through a special grill that catches the clumps while letting everything else go through. When you roll it back to its original position, gravity closes the grill, depositing the clumps in the removal drawer (or tray).

The removal drawer has a handle on it that lets you pull it straight out, with the clumps and everything else in the tray. Empty the tray and rinse it out. Then put it back in place and that’s it. You’re good to go until the next time.


Less Mess

There is less mess with this litter box. You don’t need a litter bag to hold the litter and it’s contents away from the box itself. The cover holds in the odors and you don’t have to risk a lungful of dust when you’re sifting through the litter. This really is the neatest little thing we’ve seen in quite a while.