Pets have been part of the homestead for a very long time. Some, such as dogs have come to be famously named ‘man’s best friend due to the connection they have with their owners. It is no secret that a house with a pet tends to be a happier and more relaxed home. Despite pets being fun, loving and cute, there are some points to be considered first, before you head out to the dog or cat shelter or pet shop to purchase one.


Pros of owning a pet

Firstly, the pros are going to be discussed in great detail. For some traditional people, a pet, especially those of the larger sizes, is used to ward off intruders. Some people feel safe knowing that their property is being guarded by dogs such as a Pitbull, Rottweiler or English Mastiff. Studies show that houses that have dogs are less likely to get broken into than those without.

For people who live alone, a pet is the best thing to have around. It will get rid of that empty nest feeling. They help fight loneliness and depression, due to their warm and loving nature. This might even raise a persons life expectancy if they were old. If you want your kitten to outlive you, you should of course offer him the best kitten food.


Most pets are very active and keep people on their toes. This is good because one can get to exercise while taking the pet out for a walk, jog, swim, or playing in a nearby park. Their need for continually roaming around inspires a healthy lifestyle in their owners, and once this has been fully adopted, can lead to a longer and healthier life. Pets help people to become responsible. Some parents get puppies for their kids, to instil good values and morals, into their children. In most cases, children who grow up with pets, tend to learn how to be responsible, and thoughtful, at a very tender age. This rubs off and is transferred into their daily dealings in life, even when they get older.

For some people who might be planning on raising a family at some point, a pet is the best way to start. It takes a lot of work, love and patience when raising a pet. Patience with someone who tends to be stubborn, or whines for no reason, can be tough. Pets tend to do that as well, but through time and love, that patience and understanding can be gained to deal with any situation.



Cons of owning a pet

As much as there are so many pros that come up when considering buying a pet. However, there are some cons also that have to be carefully looked into before a decision is made. The biggest problem that affects a lot of people is allergies. A lot of people are allergic to pets, such as cats, and continued interaction with them causes serious health problems.

Nowadays, because of the continuous population growth, accommodation is proving to be a problem. The majority of the places that people stay in are so small that either a pet is not allowed, and if so, only certain types are accepted. This factor is very limiting to most people because if they have a specific pet in mind, they might be forced to choose other breeds, which they usually would not go for.

Furthermore, owning a pet can prove to be problematic to people who travel a lot, or are never at home. They always have to battle with finding a person to house sit, or a friend or relative to stay with the pet. Or if deciding to take the pet with you in say a roadtrip for example, you will have to look into buying dog barriers or dog cages which can get pretty costly. Hundgrind lists some if you’re planning on road tripping to Sweden and the prices can get very high, especially for dog barriers for your car.

Last, but not least, is the issue of vets and medical care. Most pets have to get shots at the vet, and need a license from the vet each year, for them to be allowed to stay in most neighbourhoods.