We enjoy beautiful warm autumn days. But at this time of the year, our gardens are rarely used. The colourful leaves have covered green lawns and the temperatures have dropped to zero. But why not to use your garden all year around? Would be pretty great, wouldn’t it? Winter is a perfect time to turn your garden into SPA oasis. If you’re convinced, buying outdoor whirlpool could be just a best present you could give to your body and soul, and Landscape Garden Design Services Chichester certainly will advise you properly on that matter.

Purchase of the whirlpool, however, can be overwhelming. Aspects like price or which manufacturer to choose can give us a headache. That’s why, we have put together some information that might be useful when buying outdoor whirlpool.


Choose a whirlpool that answers your needs

Which whirlpool is the best? There is no one answer. Everything depends on your needs. Everyone likes and needs something else. One prefers the traditional whirlpool design and a wide range of features, the other likes simple lines and modest performance.

The selection is large, so it is necessary to ask yourself some questions. What is important to you during the massage? Plantar massage for the feet, full-body massage in a lounge seat, exchangeable or firmly integrated nozzle system? Think about what your dream whirlpool should look like.

There is also one important factor you should consider: Where you want to locate your hut tube and how much space do you have? Would you share it with your partner, friends or family? How much room do you need. Make some research, compare the brands and analyse the features. At the end you will choose the whirlpool that perfectly suits you.


Online purchase or stationary shop?

The Internet has developed into an international marketplace. Online shops are enjoying increasing popularity. Nowadays you can buy almost anything from the comfort of your home. How is it with purchasing outdoor whirlpool online? Is it better to buy a luxury and large article in a specialist shop or via the Internet?

Online merchants seem to be far ahead, especially when it comes to the pricing. Prices on the Internet seem to be much more competitive. The selection is usually larger than in the stationary shops. And if desired, payment can be made conveniently from home: via online banking or Paypal.


A serious and competent online shop is in no way inferior to a stationary shop. On the contrary: it enhances the advantages of the Internet as a medium with the most important components of the specialist trade. So, even such luxuries products can be bought easily and without risk.


Large selection in one place

If you are planning to purchase hot tube, the best would be if you find one online shop that offers whirlpools from major companies. Thanks to this, you will save your time and you can easily compare prices, designs and features. If you choose to buy outdoor whirlpool at SPA Deluxe, you can find hut tube for your taste. The shop offers large selection of outdoor whirlpools from leading brands like Jacuzzi, One Spa, V&B or Rivera Pool.

If you are not convinced, the SPA Deluxe can offer you 10 days free test period. So, you can enjoy your garden SPA for 10 days and then decide if you buy it or not. Why not to try?