Sour Diesel is a very popular strain of cannabis. It emerged in the 1990s and has since captivated the hearts of marijuana enthusiasts. Today’s post will tell you all you need to know about the hemp flower, so you can understand what you are consuming.

An Overview of Sour Diesel

It derived the name from its sour but gaseous aroma and its dominant strain are Sativa. The buds of the hemp flower are green and orange pistils compliment each flower. Its appearance is not exotic compared to other hemp flowers.

However, what it lacks in terms of color, it makes up for it in pungent scents and flavor. The flowers of this hemp have silky, light trichomes. Also, the buds are sticky and dense but not dry. You can click through this page to see the cannabinoid profile of Sour Diesel.


In the hemp market, sour diesel is ranked among essential strains. Connoisseurs would insist that it is an herb everyone should try because of its numerous benefits. The strain is a product of a crossbreeding between Super Skunk and Chemdog 91.

These legends projected the reputation of Sour Diesel. They lent their unprecedented genetics which made the offspring hemp a huge success in the present-day hemp market.

Super Skunk is a cultivar that has a strong fragrance, but it could pass as an odor, based on your level of tolerance. Despite this offensive aroma, it surprisingly offers a pleasant, delicate sweetness. It will envelop your tongue causing a stinging honey-like taste.

Chemdog 91, the other parent cultivar, is from an unknown origin. But it gives off a pungent smell interwoven with strong gasoline notes. This property is also found in Sour Diesel which makes it look almost like the Chemdog strain.

Aroma and Appearance

You might be underwhelmed the first time you see a Sour Diesel hemp flower. You may think that it is just a bunch of green nugs with green hues. It also has blond hairs that take the color of strawberries. They entangle the hemp leaves to form a network. Also, its tendrils are yellow and dusted with a coating of frosty trichomes.

Apart from the above description, there is nothing else to notice about this cultivar. So, do not expect an elegant appearance. However, it has a strong scent that makes up for its appearance. You can notice it through any container or bag with its smell that is a mix of skunk, kerosene, and citrus.

Since the parent cultivars that formed this hemp have pungent fragrances, we do not expect Sour Diesel to be any different. The smell can hit your nostrils like a skunk train. Offensive yet overwhelming, some people claim to notice a sharp cheese note mixed with gasoline in addition to the skunk odor. The hemp however, gives an experience that is worth remembering.

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Effects and Experience

The strain gives a speedy, stimulating effect on the cerebrum. It energizes the mind, uplifts spirits, and heightens creativity. Also, it instills a moment of euphoria that is usually effective in relieving minor symptoms of anxiety and stress. However, consuming a high dose could induce a light-headed or “spacey” feeling. This could make concentration impossible or result in paranoia.

Sour Diesel is well-known for a stimulating mental effect. This is because its physical effect is not very intense. It will not typically induce deep physical sedation or a “couch-lock”, but it can help in the areas of pain management, increasing appetite, relaxing muscle tension, and finding relief for nausea.

Furthermore, Sour Diesel is a certified “bell ringer” that can make an experienced smoker become squinty-eyed, a funny shadow of themselves. When you consume the hemp, the first thirty minutes will be somewhat racy. This is the influence of Sativa that brings a random rush of brain activity.

This strain may make you search for your sunglasses when they are right there on your head. On some other occasion, it may cause you to laugh at just anything and demolish various snacks for two hours, non-stop. Traditionally, it is an “up and down” strain. It comes with a lot of mental strength that fades into a red-eyed calmness, leading to sleep.

Breeding and Processing

If you are a first-time grower, Sour Diesel may be quite difficult to grow. But its genetics makes it a good choice for people who need a strong-hitting effect with little effort. This moderate difficulty in breeding pays back with supreme hemp that is suitable for various post-harvest processing.

The hemp starts flowering around 11 weeks after germination. A moderate yield is at most three ounces of each foot of the plant’s height. The herb can stretch over seven feet, making it taller than other varieties.

Additionally, the plant needs enough space to grow. As a result, it will be ideal to grow it outdoors. But you can also try the indoor conditions provided you supply the right amount of heat and light with low humidity.

When the growing period is coming to an end, you have to supply the plants with supplements that are rich in phosphorous. You also have to stop watering them about three days before the harvest. This will make them produce a rich layer of trichome and a gut-wrenching odor.

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Sour Diesel is a legendary strain for purists and veterans who enjoy strong hemp. But if you want to try something new; something that will motivate you and set your mind on your daily task, you may consider consuming this hemp.