When you decide to maximize your social media content marketing efforts, you will need all the help you can get. Social media is a constantly evolving beast, and keeping your finger on the pulse of the internet is awfully similar to wrangling a cat for a bath. So, make sure that you continue reading the tips provided by GrowME Marketing in Toronto down below.


Purposeful Posting

The first step to bettering your social media content marketing strategy is critically examining what you actually post. Are the posts on your page mostly fluff pieces without any real meat, or are they finely crafted call-to-actions that get conversions? If they are the former, don’t worry; instead, consider what you can do to make them more engaging and useful.

One way of doing this for SEO in Toronto is to incorporate links in your social media. By incorporating links back to your website, you let people know where to find more information about your products and services, and you get some great backlinks in the process.


Superior User Engagement

While social media was once only for friends and family, this has gone the way of the dodo. Nowadays, it is all about corporate accounts and community groups. So, how are businesses continuing to bring in new users, keep their content and brand personality relevant, and ultimately drive user engagement?

Well, driving user engagement relies on a couple of methods, as you may already expect. One of the best ways is to understand your target audience better. Here, many companies think they know who wants to purchase their products and puts their efforts towards what is often called an “ideal audience.” This is a trap that you should avoid.

Your ideal audience may be barely distinguishable from your target audience, which would be great. But, if they are radically different, chances are good that you are putting your social media content marketing and SEO in Toronto towards the wrong people. To maximize your content marketing and hone in on those actually buying your product, consider:

  • Polls
  • Feedback incentivizations
  • Back-end analytics about their interests
  • Review drives

Using these tools, you can learn more about who uses your products, what they use them for and, if you’re skillful, how likely they are to bring repeat business. But, these tools also have a secondary goal, which is…

Beautiful afro american young woman sitting at the desk in a home office and using a smart phone.

Building Community

Indeed, while these tools tell you about your customers, they also tell you about the people behind the purchases. If you are interested in building your business, strengthening your SEO in Toronto or providing superior customer service, you should take this opportunity to forge actual relationships.

Sometimes this looks like an off-hand comment joining in the conversation. Other times it can be a friendly jab about a non-specific competitor. Yet, in other cases, it may just be thanking someone for a great visit to your physical location. Basically, what we are saying is that to build a community, you must do more than provide a (digital) village; in addition, you must populate with like-minded individuals who see the value of spending their time there and not somewhere else.

If you follow these tips, you will see your social media grow. You will also probably make some acquaintances, friends and partners as you leverage the power of your business to bring people together, just as social media companies have done for us.