When Do Mattresses Go On Sale In Canada?

Mattresses are a fairly significant financial investment. Ranging from the high hundreds to thousands of dollars, mattresses can be expensive and shopping for them can be stressful. Not only do we want a mattress that fits all of our needs, from the level of softness to the degree of warmth, but we also would like to obtain our dream mattress without breaking the bank. This seemingly unattainable goal can result in people putting off the task of buying a new one until their mattress is too old and no longer serving them in the way it should.

You shouldn’t have to compromise on having a good night’s sleep. Fortunately, mattresses go on sale all the time! It’s almost common knowledge that you should never buy a mattress full price, as it’s bound to be less expensive in a few months. That said, there are times of the year that are known for offering exceptional prices on mattresses. Let’s explore the times that put all other sales to shame.



May is truly the best time to purchase your mattress, and for a rather simple reason. The mattress industry, as a whole, typically releases its new products in June in preparation for the summer months. Therefore, stores are eager to get rid of last year’s products and will significantly reduce the price of their stock.

If you’re able to plan ahead and wait until May rolls around, this is definitely the best time to do your mattress shopping.



If you’re unable to wait for the summer, don’t worry! National holidays tend to be particularly good days to purchase your mattress as well, as retailers tend to have offer deals during such times. It may go against logic, but stores often choose to place their stock on sale during peak seasons and times. Retailers hope to entice customers into their stores with sales, thus perhaps resulting in their customers picking up a few extra items before they leave.

Additionally, as stores anticipate higher demand, they ensure they are properly stocked. Therefore, you are likely to have a greater selection of mattresses to choose from during holiday sales. In Canada, such holidays typically include Black Friday and Boxing Day.

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Overstock Sales

Checking out overstock sales is a great way to find serious discounts. Not only will the store have the mattress you’re looking for, but you’ll be walking out with a premium-quality mattress at a more affordable price.


Closing Stores

When stores are closing (whether that be permanently or simply in that specific location), they usually rush to sell their products in an effort to minimize their losses and clear out their inventory. Therefore, they will often discount their mattresses as an incentive to get rid of their products. While this isn’t something you can anticipate and plan for, it is a great time to save money on your purchase.


Contact A Store Directly

If waiting for a sale on mattresses isn’t an option for you, consider going into a store and asking the staff directly if any possible savings are available. They will often refer you to any in-store specials they have at the moment, including temporary promotions, free accessories, or offline exclusive items.

Alternatively, call the store or mattress brand that you have your sights set on and ask when they expect to have their next sale. You can even sign up for email promotions from your local mattress store to ensure you’re not missing out on any opportunities.

Mattresses are constantly going on sale, so keep your eyes open! May is the ideal time to purchase a new mattress, but there’s never a wrong time, so don’t feel you only have one chance throughout the year!