When Should I Hire a Worker’s Compensation Lawyer ?

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A great number of people believe that accidents and injuries may be inevitable, however, this is not so. Companies can prevent such accidents by providing a safe and well-maintained working condition for the employees. If an injury or accident occurs, if the company is found guilty of negligence which has led to a worker’s suffering, the employee may claim and receive the workers’ compensation.

A workers’ compensation is a financial settlement to pay for the medical treatment of the employee who had been injured. Moreover, the compensation is given to the employee to pay for the days he/she is unable to work due to his/her injuries. However, claiming workers’ compensation from the company you work in may require legal actions. Here are some of the reasons where your claim becomes a legal matter and you may need to find the best lawyer to represent and guide you through everything:


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 When insurance companies deny your claims

Insurance companies may try to discredit your claim by stating that your injury is not work-related. What you can do when this happens is to hire a lawyer and to appeal the denial of your workers’ compensation system. 

When companies provide an unfair settlement offer

The company may offer you an amount that does not cover all your medical bills nor your lost wages. Agreeing to a settlement given by the company is as easy as signing a paper. However, it is in hiring a lawyer that you can get the best settlement possible since lawyers are capable of evaluating the conditions of the injured and the company,

When your ability to work has been compromised.

Permanent disability can be caused by a work-related injury in your company, and because of this, your capacity and quality of work may be affected. It can either put you on leave for so long, terminate you totally, or have you change careers. When this happens, you will need a great lawyer to help you claim a workers’ compensation that is fitting based on the grave consequences of the injury you have acquired from your work.

When you have a preexisting injury or condition.

In the case where you have a preexisting condition on the same body part, insurance companies will try to deny your claim and blame your pre-existing condition especially if the injury can be categorized under repetitive stress injuries. Your lawyer will help you address these issues and still claim your compensation.

When you are not given access to the treatment you need.

 Once again, insurance companies have the power to deny or delay medical treatments. Hiring a lawyer will help you become assertive towards them as well as having a lawyer put pressure on them to approve urgent medical needs and treatments.

When your case needs to go through a hearing.

Although numerous negotiations may arise between you and the insurance company, it is possible that the company still won’t settle for any amount or hold themselves accountable for the injury. Thus, a lawyer is greatly in need of organizing legal documents, assessing your current condition, and representing you in the court.