Where To Buy Valentine’s Day Baskets?

All lovebirds want for Valentine’s Day is to show the person they love how much they care and more. Many like to show their love language through gift giving – especially if it’s everything they love in one place like a Valentine’s Day gift basket. Yet, when you’re out on a quest for the perfect Valentine’s gift basket for your beloved, it can be easy to get overwhelmed with so many options.

So many questions end up running through your head: Would this be something they would love? Is there   so you can surprise your sweetheart? How do you stay on budget and still give an amazing gift basket?

These are valid questions to consider when you’re trying to decide on a Valentine’s Day gift basket. Here at Alexandria Gift Baskets we have a variety of Valentine’s Day Gift baskets that can easily suit your beau’s tastes.

To get you started, we have listed our most popular Valentine’s Day Gift baskets to give you a solid foundation on what to look for and get ideas flowing for what you want to eventually gift your loved one.


Starter Gift Basket

Are you looking for a reasonably priced, but lovely gift basket for your darling? The My Special Valentine Gift basket might just be up your alley! It’s no surprise that this gift basket is one of our most popular baskets – it strikes up the perfect balance between cost, quality, and quantity.

For your special someone, they can expect to find a variety of delicious chocolates as well as an additional savoury treat! Based on the goodies, it’s guaranteed to check off all the basic boxes needed for a good Valentine’s Day gift basket.


Masculine Gift Baskets

Valentine’s Day has generally been associated as a more feminine holiday. It gives off the impression that it mostly centers around women and what they should receive. There is certainly a truth to that. However, Valentine’s Day is technically about showing your love and appreciation towards your sweetheart – meaning not just one person gets a gift!

Men deserve to get spoiled just as much on Valentine’s Day. So, if your significant other is more on the masculine side, we definitely have a few baskets that would catch their fancy! The Nivea Man Gift basket as well as the Gillette Men’s Spa Gift basket make are a great way to pamper your loved one. If you want to take your pampering to a whole new level, then get our Clinique Men’s Spa Gift basket, which hails for its dermatological approach to skincare.


Proud Pride Baskets

Love is love is best exemplified on Valentine’s Day. The day naturally brings into celebration all forms of love. How can it get more beautiful than that?

With Valentine’s Day, for the longest time it’s been celebrated in a binary way, which can make it harder for those in the LGBTQ+ community to find the best gift basket for their partner. If you’re wanting to show your love while being out and proud, we recommend our Love Is Love Gift basket! It has all the essentials for you and your loved one.

Want to go bigger and bolder? Check out either our Happy Pride Gift basket or the Love With Pride Gift basket. You can count on you and your partner loving all the goodies inside!


Shared Baskets

A part of being in a relationship is sharing. From sharing food to sharing a home together, it’s a natural part of being with the one you love. By sharing, it further strengthens intimacy between your significant other.

A good way to enjoy a Valentine’s Day gift basket is by sharing it with one another. There is nothing like removing the guilt of eating loads of chocolate when you’re sharing it with your special someone. You can do so with our Happy Couple Gift basket! Like in the name, it’s meant as a couple’s gift basket – where you both can enjoy!

Valentine’s Day  can easily creep on you and can leave you scrambling on where to grab the perfect gift basket. We hope our listed suggestions provide some ideas that will be well suited for you and your beau!