Software updates are something, which is discussed the most in the Smartphone world. No matter which phone one might use, downloading the latest software updates onto your Smartphone is vital for it to function efficiently. Not many Smartphone companies consistently provide the latest updates for their range of products. This is why it is important to use a Smartphone which offers the latest updates. It plays a great role in deciding which Smartphone, a person should consider buying.

Samsung is one of the few companies, which provides the latest updates to its Smartphone users. The Smartphones provided by Samsung provide regular updates, even though the updates might come out for previous models a bit late.


Download the Latest Samsung Firmware

It is also possible to update the firmware on your own with the help of a tool. Learn to use the Odin tool on Samsung to update your Smartphone.


Use Your Phone

Before using Odin, it is important for you to check if the update has already been sent to your Samsung Smartphone. A firmware update is easy to find and download. Normally, you would get a notification whenever an update is available for download on your Smartphone. However, if you do not receive a notification, then you can check the update on your own on the Samsung phone.

  1. Open Settings
  2. Scroll all the way down
  3. Tap on Software Update
  4. Just tap on Check for Updates
  5. Tap Ok
  6. If an update is available, just follow the steps. However, if there are no updates available, then it will show that the phone is up to date.


Download Samsung Firmware Updates Manually

Now, if you know that there is an update that is available for your Samsung device, despite the phone showing that it is up to date, then it is time to take advantage of the Odin tool provided by Samsung. The Odin tool is actually a Windows application which is why it is easy to download the firmware onto your Samsung Smartphone.

Since Odin is Samsung’s official tool, your Smartphone will let it load all the essential files in order to flash the firmware. It is also possible to brick the phone using Odin. You should bear in mind that if you use the tool incorrectly, there are chances that it could possibly damage your Smartphone. This is why it is important for you to use the tool with caution.


Find the Right Version of Odin

Samsung does not provide Odin to regular Samsung Smartphone users. Hence, it is vital for you to find the right version of the tool for your Smartphone model from a third-party.

You can check out the XDA Forum for Samsun Smartphones to find out the right version of Odin for your device. There will always be the latest version of Odin available for download on the forum.

Now, once you have found out which Odin version you need to download for your Samsung device, you can head over to to download it.

  1. Install it onto your Windows Computer
  2. Unzip the File on Your Desktop
  3. Start Using It

Download Firmware Updates

In order to use Odin, you need some firmware to flash it. XDA Forums will help you out with this. Whenever you know that a new update is about to release, it is a great idea to check out the forums.

Normally, the firmware would be compressed in a ZIP file. If you use the wrong firmware, it could brick your device.

  1. Check the compatibility of the device
  2. Check the compatibility of the carrier
  3. Ensure that the Odin in use is the correct version

What to do next?

After the software has been downloaded on your computer, it is time to flash the firmware. It takes some time for the process to complete but it’s not as difficult as one might be misled to believe. Double check everything before you start the process.

  1. Switch off the Smartphone
  2. Download Mode
  • New Samsung Device: Hold Volume Down + Bixby + Power for up to 5 seconds
  • Old Samsung Device: Hold Volume Down + Home + Power for up to 5 seconds
  1. A big download icon should appear in the middle of the teal screen.
  2. Just plug the Smartphone into the computer using the USB cable

At last, it time for Odin to do its work. Just open Odin on your computer. Once, it’s opened, you will see a teal box which says “Added” in the “ID: COM” section. It means that your device has been added.

Odin has a main section which shows buttons, namely CSC, CP, AP, and BL. These show the following firmware files.

  • CSC: Consumer Software Customization
  • CP: Modern Firmware
  • AP: Android Platform
  • BL: Boot Loader

All the four files do not need to be used as it depends on the device which is being flashed. However, a full ROM flash requires all four of the files. Use the XDA forum to find out which files would need flashing.

  • Click on the button that shows “Corresponding File”
  • Find the file, once a file explorer window opens
  • This process needs to be done for all files that are included in the firmware.
  • If everything looks correct, then you can click on the Start button

In order for the process to be completed, it will take some time and it is usual for the phone to reboot a few times. Don’t worry if this happens. Odin will display a progress bar. You will see a “Reset” button when the process has been completed. Click on it to reboot your Smartphone. That’s all!


Updated Smartphone

Once, the reboot has completed you can start using your Smartphone with ease. It is relatively easy to use Odin and whenever there is a new update, all you have to do is check out the XDA forum for updates.