Gisada is a label which was introduced in Zurich, Switzerland in the year 2013. It belongs to Swiss Fragrance which is in itself a high-end company that provides men and women with luxury perfumes. Due to its velvety, yet woody aroma, the Gisada Uomo Men’s Fragrance stands out. It is a Swiss label which is represented by none other than the Swiss model Sami Gashi who is known for his dashing looks.


Gisada Uomo (For the Genuine Man)

Gisada Uomo is the newest luxury fragrance which men need to try out. It has the masculine aroma which will make every woman’s head turn. The perfume has been created after spending a great time to find out which scent would suit the genuine man best. The woody and velvety smell of the luxury perfume shows that a man is confident and is open about being himself around others.

The perfume has been made keeping in view of the precision in conception and renowned Swiss quality which is known to be the best in the world. The smell of the perfume is modern, authentic and timeless, all at once. Gisada’s corporate philosophy focuses on providing you with an elegant, creative composition and exclusive fragrance which will make you stand out whenever you put on the Gisada perfume for the genuine man.


 Exclusive Noblesse and High Class

There is no other perfume out there which provides you with exclusive noblesse and high class like Gisada Uomo. Using the luxury perfume itself shows your commitment to exude high class. It is perfect for the modern man who wishes to elevate how he looks and feels.


For The Stubborn, Yet Manly Man

The Gisada luxury perfume has been created for the stubborn, yet a manly man who doesn’t want something simple, but, rather a perfume which makes him stand out from the crowd. The masculine fragrance will surely show others that you are in charge of your destiny and aren’t afraid to go after what you want.


Swiss Quality

Gisada Uomo oozes Swiss quality. If you have ever purchased a Swiss luxury perfume, then you would know that Swiss quality is the highest quality for luxury goods. Gisada Uomo has been made to ensure that the best quality of perfume is provided to the modern man. The aroma of the fragrance is made to last and you will smell elegant for a longer period of time as compared to other perfumes.



The perfume is sensual and will take you to new heights. When you put on the perfume, everyone you meet will be influenced by the beautiful smell. It will make every new connection that you make, much stronger. Men of the 21st Century need to be more sensual and the Gisada luxury perfume is the best place to start. Women adore men who aren’t afraid to show their sensual side. Try the Gisada perfume, to up your game.


Unique Fragrance Flavors

The unique blend of sweet, strong, earthy and woody aroma is what the Gisada luxury perfume for the genuine man is based on. Men will exude a mystical charm when they put on the fragrance due to the fresh scents and unique fragrance flavors.

The components of the perfume consist of fresh aroma of dried apricots and the delicate scent of the Italian lemon to give you appeal. Finally, the exclusive Davana is added to round off the aroma.


Noble Cedar

At its core, the Gisada Uomo contains the masculine odor of noble cedar, which truly balances the scent of the perfume to perfection. The noble symbiosis of the honey-sweet, masculine rose, distinctive wisteria, and dark Labdanum makes the Gisada Uomo, the ultimate luxury perfume for men. The strong cords of the moss, earthy-soft amber and suede, along with the exotic agar wood refines the base note of the fragrance.

These flavors of the perfume combine together, to characterize strength, vigor, self-confidence, and sensuality which are vital for a self-determined and modern man. The fragrance expresses masculinity and pride which go hand-in-hand for a more meaningful life.


Sleek Design

The bottle has been perfectly designed to exude all of the characteristics that are essential for the genuine man. It represents the multifaceted fragrance chords of the bottle in a sleek way. Being a rectangular shaped, and linear designed bottle, it characterizes dominant spaciousness. The bottle is made of transparent glass to show that the man in possession of the Gisada Uomo fragrance is open, confident, and clear about what he wants in life.

The black details around the bottle, give it a luxurious look. Sami Gashi is the new face of the campaign and he exudes everything that the Gisada Uomo perfume is about.


For Stylish Men

The Gisada perfume is timeless and classy. Stubborn men, who want to show they are confident, strong, and yet, elegant and sensual are the reason behind the creation of the luxury fragrance. The perfume will give you a magical and mysterious appeal which is considered most attractive.


Stimulates Creativity

The perfect tinge of woody and velvety aroma stimulates creativity and imagination. Creativity is something which is highly important for the modern man as it shows that you are strong and confident.


  • Unique
  • Masculine and yet, sensual at the same time
  • Sleek Design of the Bottle
  • Timeless


  • Not for every man


Why you Need the Gisada Perfume?

Ever wonder what makes some men more confident and masculine as compared to others? It is a luxury perfume which makes a man exhibit all the characteristics which are found in the perfume. That is why it is vital for you to get the Gisada perfume to complete your look.

The perfume gives you the courage you need to be the true man you have always wanted to be. The alluring smell of the fragrance will help you go a long way in life and at work. Bring out the masculine feeling with the Gisada Perfume.