Live edge coffee tables have become very popular recently in the furniture industry. Even though it may be considered rustic by some designers, there’s more to it. The live edge coffee table would look beautiful, no matter where you place it. It suits every type of room, whether that may be living room or master bed room.

The live edge coffee table has a style of its own and never goes out of fashion which is why it is a great idea to buy Live Edge Furniture for your home or even office. It will make the space look better as it is attractive and makes the amiance look much more sophisticated.

The best thing about live edge furniture in general is that certain surfaces are exposed and left in their natural state such as the holes and bark. Such elements help bring a natural look to the space due to the natural shape of the furniture and ensures thhat each furniture piece looks authentic and one of a kind.


Choose the Best Live Edge Coffee Tables Company

Vantz Live Edge Furniture is the best company for all your furniture needs. The company had started out with a mission to offer men in recovery from addictions with an outlet to recover through employment, creativity, and career training.

The company has a goal to provide you with authentic and unique live edge furniture including live edge dining tables which will bring peace and nature into your home. You can also use it as the center piece for entertaining guests and for a conversation starter. Decorate the space with plants and natural material to make it appear more tranquil. The natural look of the furniture made by the company is unique and will make your home look more beautiful.

Customers are highly satisfied by the quality of the furniture and continue to buy more furniture to give their homes a natural look.


Make the Most of Live Edge Coffee Tables

The live edge coffee tables have become a popular option for homes, restaurants, cafes, offices and even bars. It helps give the space a more natural look so that you can relax after a long day of hard work.

  • The live edge coffee table is a hybrid functional piece of furniture which is a work of art. It will make the sculptures or decorations in your home stand out.
  • Coordinate the live edge coffee table with the elements in the space such as the color, form or texture. It can match with anything in the room such as the stairs or even the door.
  • Provides a personality to the room.
  • Many interesting types of woods are used to make the live edge coffee tables such as cedar or mahaghony.


Choose from a Range of Live Edge Coffee Tables

Vantz Live Edge Furniture provides various types of live edge coffee tables which are made to stand out. They are of high quality and are durable.


Live Edge Australian Beefwood Coffee Table

One of the most popular options is the Australian Beefood Coffee table. The table slab is 36 inches long, 24 inches high and 2.5 inches thick making it the ideal choice for your home. It evenb has 16 inches carbon steel hairpin legs. There are even various legs to choose from.


Live Edge Black Walnut End Table

The live edge black walnut end table is one of a kind as it has been handcrafted by the company. The table slab is 28 inches long, 18 inches wide, 19 inches high and 2.5 inches thick. The piece would make your home look more beautiful instantly. The 16 inches carbon teel hairpin legs make the table look more authentic and unique. You can even customize the legs as the company has various options to choose from.


Live Edge Brazilian Cherry Coffee Table

Cherrywood is known for its wood texture and that is why the live edge brazilian cherry coffee table is just what you need to make your space look much more attractive. It one of a kind table, made with the master craftmanship to give a look unlike any other.

The table slab is 48 inches long, 28 inches wide, 20 inches high and 3 inches thick. It has a thickness that looks appealing and that is why it is a popular option. The table comes with 16 inches carbon steel legs and there is a variety of options to choose from in order to customize the legs.


Live Edge Maple Coffee Table

The live edge maple coffee table has a beautiful touch to it and is one of the most affordable options. Maple wood is known for its durable quality and that is why it the option for your home. The maple slab is 36 inches long, 16 inches wide, 14 inches high and 2.5 inches thick. It has 12 inches carbon steel hairpin legs which are customizable due to the various options that are available.


Live Edge Silk Oak Dining / Kitchen Table

The live edge silk oak dining or kitchen table is the ultimate table for your home. It is extremely beautiful and the perfect option when you host parties or events in your home. It is the most sophisticated options out there. Once you see the table, you won’t be able to wait to place the table in your living room or kitchen.

The table is one a kind and has been handcrafted to ensure that it is unique and of superior quality. The silk oak slab is 90 inches long, 32 inches wide, 32 inches high and 2.5 inches thick. It has 30 inches carbon steel square legs to give it an attractive and bold look. You can also customize the legs as there are many options to choose from.


Get the best Live Edge Coffee Table

Vantz Live Edge Furniture provides the best live edge furniture options to customers which is why you need to give them a try now.