Dr. Hazany is a board-ensured dermatologist and cooperation prepared Mohs micrographic specialist who is initially from Los Angeles, California. He graduated summa cum laude with a qualification in Neuroscience from UCLA. In the wake of completing his college degree, Dr. Hazany proceeded to graduate at the highest point of his group from the esteemed UCLA David Geffen School of Medicine.

Following dermatology residency, Dr. Hazany made a trip to Houston to work at the Houston Methodist emergency clinic where he finished his cooperation preparing in Mohs Micrographic medical procedure, corrective dermatology, and laser medical procedure with Dr. Leonard Goldberg, a universally prestigious dermatologic specialist.

Dr. Hazany’s examination advantages have prompted the distribution of numerous logical articles and book sections in the fields of facial plastic medical procedure and dermatology. He is a double cross champ of the Cosmetic Surgery Forum best oral introduction.

Dr. Hazany is very knowledgeable in the most recent procedures in dermatologic and restorative medical procedure and he is an individual from the American Society of Dermatologic Surgery and a Diplomat of the American Board of Dermatology. Dr. Hazany trusts in an individualized way to deal with every patient. He is as often as possible praised for his remarkable careful aptitudes, cautious thought of patient needs, and delicate torment free touch.


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World Class Acne Treatment in Los Angeles

Salar Hazany is a Doctor in Los Angeles, California, who utilizes his dermatological capacities to improve, personal satisfaction, for other people. The Doctor is known via web-based networking media stages for his capacity to fix dynamic skin break out and skin inflammation scarring. Through long stretches of serious preparing, he has built up his abilities and can assist you with your skin inflammation now.

Skin inflammation Scarring is separated into a few distinct classes. Certain scarring like “ice pick” skin break out scarring can be hard to treat. Different dermatologists may not give you the outcomes you are searching for. At Salar Hazany MD, we treat even the most serious instances of Acne scarring and Active Acne. Calendar your counsel today.

MOHS is an exceptionally viable and incredibly propelled strategy utilized in the treatment of a few sorts of risky skin tumors . The procedure includes expelling skin malignancy in a deliberate and continuous way, where skin is evacuated layer-by-layer, and the total profundity and boundary is analyzed each cell in turn under a magnifying instrument until just disease free tissue remains.


Dynamic skin break out can be brought about by hereditary qualities, diet, hormones, drugs, and an assortment of different reasons. Treatment at the foundation of your skin inflammation issue is the most ideal approach to make durable and lasting outcomes. Our individualistic methodology permits us to give the most ideal consideration to our patients. Skin inflammation is a condition that can cause enthusiastic anguish. We realize this agony can be helped. Venture out clear skin, reach us for a virtual counsel today.


Other than skin inflammation and MOHS medicines, Dr. Hazany is knowledgeable in a huge scope of beautification and restorative improving techniques. Our facility controls beautification strategies including Facial Rejuvenation, Neck Rejuvenation, and Hair Restoration. Expelling overabundance skin and fat from undesirable regions are considers Dr. Salar Hazany to take a long time off one’s face. Hair Restoration can be accomplished either through a FUE Hair Transplant or the Hair “Petition” methodology. Need the substance you had always wanted? Try not to spare a moment to reach us today.

Salar Hazany MD gives treatment to a huge assortment of conditions. Regardless of whether you don’t see your particular condition recorded, we may at present have the option to help, consider today and timetable a counsel to hear straightforwardly from the specialist.

In the wake of building up his abilities for quite a long time, through school and concentrating under driving specialists in the field dermatological medical procedure, Salar Hazany opened his own training in would like to offer types of assistance that improve personal satisfaction for his patients. With a wide scope of abilities, Dr. Salar Hazany has helped innumerable individuals assume responsibility for their certainty, he can help you as well. His range of abilities set reaches from skin disease evacuation ( Mohs) to non-careful rhinoplasty and anything in the middle. The Doctor invests wholeheartedly in his delicate touch and individualized way to deal with getting issues make the most grounded outcomes.