Good sleep is one of the very important components of every person’s life. You should choose the right bedding and all its accessories to make it as comfortable as possible. Here, each person will have an individual choice since you can find a lot of products for sleeping in the market.

A good pillow is one of the main aspects you should pay attention to. Natural fillers differ from any other existing on the market; such pillows are usually produced from buckwheat husk. It is a useful, affordable, and fragrant filler that has recently become increasingly popular. The material is completely safe and natural.


How to Get the Husk?

These pillows are manufactured industrially. At the same time, the process is rather laborious, because it is known that the grains of this plant are quite small, and the husk is low-strength. In general, the entire buckwheat pillow production process can be divided into the following stages:

  • Dressing husks through large but small sieves. This is done to select high-quality material from rumpled and substandard one, because only whole, high-quality, and durable husk can be used as filler.
  • Exfoliation. At this moment, the husk is separated from the hardcore of the grain. This is done using special production combines.
  • Steam treatment. It helps moisturize the husk, increase its elasticity and strength.
  • Purification by air. This is necessary to remove the smallest particles of dirt, dust and remove foreign substances. This procedure is performed by exposing a fairly strong air stream to the material.
  • Final cleaning procedure. At this stage, all the particles of foreign origin are subject to removal, and the buckwheat husk is thoroughly cleaned again.

Indications for Use

All people, without exception, including children of different ages, can use a pillow with buckwheat husk filling. But there are a number of cases where its use is not only allowed but is most preferable. A pillow with such filler is suggested for people who:

  • Have regular or periodic pains in the spine;
  • Have scoliosis of any degree;
  • Sweat increasingly, especially at night;
  • Have osteochondrosis;
  • Have certain allergic reactions;
  • Have migraines or severe headaches.

Features of Use

Like any other natural filler, buckwheat husk has its pros and cons. The following qualities are useful properties of such pillows:

  • Excellent anatomical and orthopedic properties. The use of such a pillow helps to completely relax during sleep, not only relax the neck but also the entire spine.
  • A high level of hygroscopicity ensures complete absorption of moisture and its further evaporation without a person feeling uncomfortable.
  • An additional massage effect from the husk lets you relieve tension, stimulates the scalp cells and additional hair growth.

As you can see from all these advantages, a buckwheat pillow from will be useful to absolutely everyone. But it has some features that must be taken into account:

  • The stiffness of such a pillow. It is several times higher than the one made of feathers or any other soft filler. With the wrong product size choice, you can only exacerbate existing health problems.
  • A specific aroma that the husk has. It is due to a high concentration of essential oils in it. By the way, they have a very beneficial effect on the general state of human health. Over time, the smell disappears and becomes almost invisible.

One of these pillows features is their different forms. It can be not only standard rectangular shapes but also cylindrical ones and more. Small models are produced for people to take the pillow with them, as well as use for children.