When it comes to SEO in Toronto, content analysis can be a big part of your long-standing success. After all, the prevailing wisdom of the industry is that “content is king,” so there is obviously already some value established for such things. But, as digital marketers like growmemarketing.ca can attest, the value of content simply skyrockets with proper analysis.

Today, we look at how to analyze your content, what you should be optimizing it for, and how to integrate your analysis into your regular upload schedule. There can be a lot of variables and personal preference involved here, so if you think you may have a better way, don’t be afraid to give it a shot. The last thing you want is to feel as though you could have been more successful with a different strategy.


How to Integrate Content Analysis Into Your Marketing Campaign

The Importance of Keywords

As you might expect from an article with a focus on SEO in Toronto, keywords are an important talking point. This is only reinforced by the fact that we are specifically speaking about content, which is the chief medium for keyword injection. So, how can you analyze and use keywords in your content to greater advantage?

Of course, using them in the right amounts is a great way to start. You don’t want to have so many that your text is unreadable but too few, and the crawler bots won’t be able to accurately identify what the content is actually about. You should also ensure you use enough long-tail keywords to develop a greater sense of the topic you are discussing.

Content Concept. Woman holding wood block.

The Importance of Tone

The next part of content analysis strays fairly far from SEO in Toronto. Instead, it focuses on the words and topics that you cover in your content. You will always have to balance the needs of your client base, business and marketing efforts to ensure your topics are relevant and wanted. However, you can actually go fairly far into crafting a tone and voice for your brand without affecting these things in any significant way.

It’s one of the best parts of the internet, as it turns out. Developing a global village has helped to tear down a lot of those perceived barriers in professional businesses of all stripes. After all, the old “spit n’ the hand and shake on it” promise of the farmer looks truly bizarre to the businessperson, as does their multi-page contract and legal team.

The result is a more colloquial and friendly tone across all channels. This is great for businesses that don’t want to be so severe and professional, and it also helps elevate the companies that still prefer that method and type of speech. In short, be consistent in your speech, and you will benefit.

The Importance of Regular Analysis

So, now you know that your content has to be technically correct and consistent, but you may not have a firm grasp on how to make it that way. Well, that’s where the importance of regular analysis comes into the picture. No amount of advice, training or information can change the cold hard reality of posting something and seeing it succeed or fail, nor can it replace the experience you gain from such experiences.

As a result, regular analysis is a key part of the process. Seeing what works for you, your brand, and your customers will always be a unique experience, but it is one that can yield big results when done correctly. Aim to regularly review your content and see where you can improve for the future.