Why Do Americans with Diabetes Buy Insulin from Canada?

While insulin prices stand out in the USA, and not in a good way, a lot of diabetics ration their medications in order to be able to afford at least half a dose.

However, such a drastic option is not the only solution to the problem, and there are plenty of attractive drug buying proposals both on the Web and offline. And, most importantly, it’s possible to buy antidiabetic meds at a lower price completely legally.

That being said, let’s get insulin cost rising investigated, price-fixing possibilities reviewed, and the benefits of buying insulin online from Canada explained!

Why Do Pharmaceutical Companies Set Such High Prices?

It’s been a long time since scientist Frederick Banting discovered insulin in London, Ontario. And it’s fascinating how expensive it can be to buy insulin in the USA!

Sure, there are alternative options, such as relying on insulin donated by charity organizations or looking for possibilities to get discounts for medicine-related human services.

Yet the question remains: why lowering list prices for antidiabetic medications is not an option for pharma companies and the government? Let’s see their reasons:

  • There are no generic drugs because of the complicated manufacturing process, and even black market drugs are not as common to become a threat to “official” antidiabetic medications;
  • Insulin is a patented drug, so the big companies are the only ones that can manufacture the medication;
  • The need to pay for pharmaceutical research work performed by the pharma companies’ employees;
  • The monopoly of big manufacturers makes it hard for the American government to lower prices.

What Does Canadian Pharmacists Association Think about the High Cost of Insulin in the USA?

How is it possible that Canadian insulin remained cheap while the American drug prices continued to grow? CPhA has something to say about such a dramatic price difference.

The reason can be found within the core difference in the healthcare systems of the two countries. The point is that Canadian pharmacies don’t play such a big role in setting costs for this vital drug. Barry Power, senior director at CPhA, says in his interview with Washington Post that the price of insulin and price caps are both a part of Canadian government affairs.

Why can’t the American government do the same to avoid the ongoing trend’s deadly consequences and, like other countries, negotiate insulin prices with Lilly, Sanofi, and Novo Nordisk? There are plenty of reasons for sure, from traditions to potential difficulties that will be caused by such drastic change in the law.

Luckily, diabetics from the USA still have several options to afford insulin – a life-saving drug for so many Americans.

What Options Do We Have to Avoid Exorbitant Cost of Antidiabetic Medications?

Being diagnosed with diabetes is hard, yet plenty of people are able to still live a full life even if it means the need to draw insulin on a daily basis.

Health insurance and the fact that plenty of people are ready to exchange emergency supplies allow people to receive the medication without being pushed to such drastic measures as looting drug supplies and buying black market insulin.

There are multiple insulin assistance programs you can learn about from the drug companies themselves, at your local pharmacy, asking your friends, or simply typing the search queries in. For now, let’s review the two most popular options people with diabetes have to get their lifesaving drug at an affordable price.

Over-The-Counter Medications

As a response to the skyrocketing cost of insulin in the USA, some pharmaceutical companies started manufacturing their own, new drugs. In cooperation with famous manufacturer Novo Nordisk, Walmart introduced cheap low-cost emergency insulin ReliOn. It can be purchased for $25/vial.

Even though Walmart’s medication is not as advanced as newer insulins prescribed by endocrinologists, opting for ReliOn is much better than getting diabetic complications (such as diabetic ketoacidosis and others) from skipping doses or injecting not enough medication.

ReliOn is also a good short-term emergency measure for people who need to get their shot but don’t have their injection pen with them.

Nevertheless, don’t forget to ask your healthcare provider whether Novo Nordisk’s ReliOn is a good diabetes management treatment for you or your elderly relatives.

Buying from Canadian Suppliers

The price of the patented medicine sold outside of the USA is usually much lower than inside the country. This is why more and more people see the advantages of ordering insulin from Canada.

The healthcare system allows antidiabetic drugs to remain widely accessible, and the government also supports lowering drug prices. This is why even the USA heavily relies on Canadian insulin supplies.

Then, why not import drugs you need on your own, without the risk of bureaucratic problems disrupting supply?

How to Buy Insulin from Canada?

Buying insulin online from Canada is completely legal due to the loophole in American legislation. It is illegal to purchase drugs from abroad, yet the Food and Drug Administration allows Canadian pharmacies to ship purchased insulin to USA residents.

There are multiple pharmacies on the Net like Insulin.store where you can purchase the same amount of this critical drug for a lower price after uploading a prescription.

Final Word

It’s hard to afford antidiabetic meds in the USA, given the de-facto monopoly of big manufacturers, the current economic crisis, and disadvantageous high deductible insurance plans that prevail in America.

The good news is that it is entirely possible to order your antidiabetic treatments online, as foreign pharmacies are allowed to ship meds for personal use to the citizens of the USA. There won’t even be a need to arrange a “caravan to Canada”, as online pharmacies have plenty of attractive and affordable delivery options that will get your newly bought insulin right to your doorstep.

Just don’t forget to scan and upload a valid prescription from your doctor to get everything arranged in no time!