4 Reasons Why Small Business Need VOIP Phone System

VOIP systems now become the means of communication of choice by small companies. Arrangement provided by Zorra uses the best technology to provide clients with solutions that not only accommodate your organization needs but also bring advantages.

Choosing the best VOIP for small business will be able to really help companies to be more competitive in the midst of economic conditions where firms need their own advantages in order to survive.

With our best virtual phone service for small business, you can make high-quality voice calls, web conferencing, bulk messaging, unlimited extensions, cloud PBX, and other features that could help companies with just one platform.

Here are some of the advantages of using a virtual phone system small business.


Many micro-sized companies choose Voice over Internet Protocol because the price is more economical. As it utilizes the internet, the fare of a VOIP phone system for small business is not too big. Especially in the case of long distance communication, the rates are much cheaper than conventional ones. In addition, the PBX component also operates on internet, so it doesn’t require you to buy large hardware.



Virtual phone numbers for small business allow communication even outside the office. As a result, clients are able to run features such as forwarding or make multiple contacts simultaneously. Receive calls from anywhere via any gadget or device, just by downloading the free application.

Wider Reach

The best virtual phone system for small business like Zorra allows customization of the plan as the company grows. When the number of staff increases, you’re able to easily add extensions without adding cables. If you plan to open new branch offices in other locations, Zorra will help connect them under one phone. So you don’t need to install new VOIP every time you open a branch.

Easy to Use

Enterprises will need to dedicate specific staff to manage and monitor traditional calls. This does not apply to VOIP because communication could be managed easily through a friendly web interface and accessed via any device connected to the internet, be it a PC, tablet or smartphone.

After logging in, the entrepreneur immediately has full control over the system. Operating hours could be arranged based on staff availability to receive calls at certain times. As a result, you can monitor communications efficiently without any hassle.

Make contacts to various locations even across countries easily and at a low price with only internet network required. We are ready to increase your business capabilities.