Have you ever heard the phrase “Customer is a King”?

I know, you would say “yes”

Well, Customer is a lifeline of a business. If they are happy with what you are offering they will bring their friend and families to your doorstep.

On the other hand, if they are not satisfied with your product or service, they will give negative feedback to the hundreds of potential customers. One single negative facebook /Twitter post can turn away millions of potential customers.

We all know that negativity spreads faster than positivity and it harms your business and reputation big time.


So making customers happy should be the top priority of any business.

If you are an aspiring entrepreneur or businessman, then you should keep one thing in mind that, you (business) needs customers, they don’t require you as there are plenty of other companies are ready to take over your customers.

Before we move towards how to make a customer happy? You should know what happens when customers are satisfied with you.

  • A happy customer will bring more business.
  • He will spread word of mouth (means more business to you)
  • You will get his loyalty.
  • He will give positive feedback; even insist others to buy a particular product or service from you.
  • You can expand your business into different cities or add multiple products in your offering.
  • In long the run, you are the owner of a profitable business.
  • Moreover, your company might become one of the most desirable brands in your segment.


What happens when customers are not happy with you?

  • He will not come to your doorstep again.
  • He will spread negative feedback now and then when someone asks about your business. (Your customers will be like that Tony burgers…. Man, they are horrible…. Their burger taste like a $hit…)
  • Even he will go to social media and write one hell of a post which is enough to ruin your business.
  • Business will observe cash crunches, overdue debt, and unhappy employees.
  • On a long run… you will suffer losses, your competitor will take your business, and in the worst case, you have to shut your business down.

Well, No buddy wants this situation, and there is always a way to keep customers happy.

Well, this leads us to the question How to make customers happy?

Keeping customers happy is a continuous and lifelong process. It is not that you do it once and you get the fruit of your labor for the rest of your life. In any point of time, you have to keep improving your service and product.


 Here are certain points which will help you to keep your customers happy.

1) Know your customers

The customer satisfaction survey is an excellent tool to know the likes and dislikes of the customers. It will measure customer satisfaction and based on the collected feedback, companies can formulate policy, product, and service. Customer feedback will help companies to understand weak areas of product, service, store or employee. Take action once you spot the weak area. It will improve customer happiness over time.

Even some of the biggest companies of the earth such as KFC, Kroger, JCPenny relies heavily on customer feedback. If you are a fan of KFC then you can take a survey from mykfcexperience. It is the official website of the US fast food giant. A customer can share their experience of the food outlet.


2) Improve your product

One of the best ways to retain a customer is providing a top-notch quality product at an affordable price. If you are selling a product at $20, then you have to make sure that product is worth every penny. As it is hard earned money of a buyer and he is choosing you over hundreds of other sellers. Also, make sure that your product is not overpriced.


3) Loyalty program

A loyalty program is a fruit of customers to be loyal to you. Many big companies run a loyalty program and offer an attractive discount for loyal customers. One can provide a discount or free bees as a part of this program.


4) Discount

Discounts not only attract the buyers but it also boosts sales. It is proven that discount product sales better and many times customer buys a specific product just because it is discounted. In a way, you are making customers happy by offering discounts to them.


5) Referral Discount/money

If you generate business through your existing buyer’s reference then you can provide a refund, cash the customer. It will not only make a customer happy, but you will also generate new client and business through it.


6) Train your staff

Well trained staff can take your business to the miles. A knowledgeable staff can handle a difficult situation, and untrained staff can lead your business to the downfall. Teach them how to handle the customer, and you win the heart of your client.


7) Solve the Problem

You will earn the loyalty of the buyer if you can solve his problem. Make sure you don’t waste the time of customer as no one liked the feeling that their time has been spent.


8) Be accessible 

Make sure that customer can easily reach out to you. Nothing frustrates more when a customer is not able to contact the company when they need help.


9) Be quick

Gone are the days when customers use to wait for an extended period of the for a particular product. If you take too much time to deliver the product, you might end up losing a good customer. Buyer will only wait if it’s a customized product or exclusive product otherwise there is an alternative for almost everything.


10) Take responsibility

You should take responsibility if a customer does not get a service which is expected from you. When a customer invests in your product or service, then it is your responsibility to give what is being planned and take responsibility if you are not able to full fill your commitment.



The growth of the business is only possible when your customers are happy. Retaining an old customer is more important than reaching out to the new one. It does not mean a new customer base is not, but it should not be at the cost of an existing one. In short making customers happy is very much essential to grow any business.