Why is cannabis so popular?

Cannabis has been known for its intoxicating and mind-expanding effects for many centuries, while also being known for the numerous health benefits that its components have. The debate about the legalization of cannabis in the western world lasted for decades until it finally happened in 2018 and ten American states also allowed the consumption of cannabis for non-medical purposes. Since then, cannabis has shed its image as an addictive drug: Legally sold products such as CBD oil full spectrum contain only traces of the “high” intoxicating substance THC. Therefore, there is no risk of addiction here.

The hype surrounding cannabis never stops, as many people hope that CBD products and the entourage effekt will have a healing effect on all kinds of ailments, from pain and cramps to psychological problems and problems falling asleep to digestive and skin problems. Selling cannabis is quite a lucrative business.

There are now hemp shops in every major city. Many platforms also offer the option of ordering CBD products online and having them delivered to your home.


Why is local marketing so important?

While you often hear about the benefits of digital marketing for your CBD brand, this article aims to help improve your local and offline marketing. We all don’t want to do without the digital world, which makes our everyday life much easier. And yet you can better influence your customers’ lives by being present yourself when the customer needs your products in the real world.

Offline marketing with a local focus is a key factor in setting the company apart from thousands of competitors in this ever-expanding cannabis market. The customer knows that it is not just another faceless company or corporation, but builds a personal connection to the product being marketed. This can take on the personified role of a friend or neighbor or even have an identity-forming effect.

What problems can arise when marketing CBD and how do you deal with them?

On the one hand, cbd oil is very popular, which leads to unprecedented competition among suppliers. On the other hand, its image is still burdened with prejudices. If you want to sell cannabis products, it is not an easy task. The reason for the prejudice against cannabis is the lack of information among consumers. Many still believe that cannabis products are only partially legal and that they are addictive and high. At the same time, some consumers are unaware of the many health benefits of cannabidiol.

Here the providers have a duty to provide information, to respond sensitively to the customers and to help them to find the right product. Excellent customer service that knows and listens to customers’ needs is a must. To do this, you need to know your customers. People of what age and gender visit the shop? What is their motivation, what drives them? What ailments are they struggling with and what could be done about these ailments using cannabis?

At the same time, one must not make any legally questionable statements. There are many consumers around the world who enthusiastically swear by cannabis and report on its healing effects. However, most of the relevant scientific tests have so far only been carried out on plants or animals. The few human studies were only carried out on small groups of people or even individuals, they are not representative. Claims of cannabis benefits are under scrutiny from regulators and could be construed as “misleading marketing”.