Why Should You Choose American made N95 Masks?

The U.S. Centers for Disease control and Prevention are more concerned about the Delta variant as it spreads rapidly and can even possibly make vaccines less effective. New masking recommendations are unveiled for maximum protection against the deadly variants to prevent massive waves in future. Everyone should mask up regardless of their vaccination status to defeat COVID-19 collectively. PPE manufacturers have plenty of American made N95 masks in stock to facilitate the nation so they don’t have to depend on foreign supplies.

Medical Supply All is a reliable online retail platform with NIOSH approved masks in stock from reputable brands. The great initiative for providing free face masks to those who cannot afford buying them makes their services even more credible in times of crisis. The delivery service is only available for the United States which usually takes around 7 to 12 working days.

Performance Ratings

The coronavirus pandemic is continuing to upend people’s lives around the globe and we are still learning to protect ourselves with reliable protective measures. Face masks are rated for their performance to fulfill the exact purpose of wearing them. It is important to know about the face masks you choose so as to minimize the risk of exposure to contagious particles. The air filtration rating measures the mask’s performance and helps you identify the filtration level so the virus sized particles can be targeted.

Type of Filter

The world is still learning to beat the coronavirus scientifically and technologically so as to overcome its consequences sooner. The rapid spread across the globe has quickly made face masks a commonplace already and it’s crucial to adopt more preventive measures to stop the virus from winning. Understanding the mask types and their effectiveness in different situations keeps everyone safe from contracting the contagious virus. Polypropylene filters used for American made N95 masks have no gaps between the fibers which makes them preferable for protection against coronavirus. N95 face masks take lead among all other respiratory protection products particularly because of their filtering efficiency. Moreover, the growing demand for N95 masks proves that they are highly efficient in filtering out contaminants such as dust, mists, and fumes.

Fitting and Shape

The NIOSH approved N95 respirators made in USA are designed for optimal safety and comfort of wearers. Various designs include the cup shaped or foldable N95 face masks with dual head straps, exhalation valves, and adjustable nose bands to maximize protection against the contagious variants. While any type of mask covers the mouth and nose and minimizes hand to face contact, it is still important to understand why N95 respirators are becoming commonplace all over the world. The dual head straps hold the mask in place securing the seal around the edges. The wearer needs not adjust an N95 mask again and again as it is designed to stay in shape as long as it is worn.

Breathing Valve

American PPE manufacturers have prioritized making comfortable designs for wearers to promote their usage in routine. Medical Supply All has multiple designs in stock including N95 masks with exhalation valve for easy breathing. However, the reduced breathing resistance may not be as effective as N95 respirators without the valve and you may put others in danger by expelling your breath.