Why These 2020 Technologies Will Revolutionize the Way You Do Business  

Are you ready for 2020? Keep your business on top of the latest digital trends by reviewing the most important technologies to watch out for in the new year.  


2020 is on the horizon.

As a business owner, this means it’s time to start looking at the new year’s new technologies. After all, having a competitive technological edge on your competitors is one of the only things that’ll ensure your solid footing in your industry.

Below, we look ahead to the best, most revolutionary technologies to take center stage in the new year.

Jason Simons, an Austin IT services professional shares insights into the future.


What’s New in Wearable Technology?

While many of the most popular wearables are related to fitness and track things like sleep, steps, calories burned, and heart rate, new wearable technology will provide stats for employees. The point is not only to help promote a healthier work environment, but to also provide you with better insight into your employees’ movements, performances, and overall wellbeing.


What’s New in Online Learning?

Regular and frequent employee training is a huge part of ensuring your business runs smoothly. Whether it’s training in day-to-day business affairs, new operating systems, or cybersecurity, make sure you’re taking advantage of online learning options. It’s simpler, faster, less expensive than some types of formal training, and extremely useful long-term. As an ever-evolving business that should be continually improving, it’s essential to provide continual training through online learning.


What’s New in Social Media?

Social media is as strong in marketing as ever as we move into 2020. It’s essential to stay on top of regular posts and take advantage of new advertising schemes coming down the pike with social media like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

New tactics may involve hiring service from “influencers,” social media gurus who are paid to promote your services or products to their followers. Otherwise, make sure you’re following trends in your social media stats and staying abreast of the likes and dislikes of your followers and potential customers.


What’s New in Cloud Computing?

If you haven’t switched to cloud computing yet, it’s time. In 2020, more companies will be conducting their business “in the cloud” than ever before. This offers improved flexibility, lower data storage costs, and more accessible systems and information.

Just make sure you’re keeping up with the best security practices when it comes to the cloud. While this method of data storage and business can be just as safe as on-premise storage, it does come with some cybersecurity risks that you’ll want to speak with your managed service provider about.

Stay abreast of the new 2020 technologies being released in future months, and speak with your IT services provider for guidance in making final decisions on which technologies you should invest in.