Your eyes are important. You use them daily to work, play, interact with others, and enjoy your life. From the moment you wake up in the morning to the moment you lay down for sleep at night, your eyes are constantly in use. This nonstop demand is not without consequence. That is why you need to treat your eyes right with regular eye doctor appointments. You probably already schedule annual visits with your regular doctor and dentist. Make sure you keep a yearly appointment with a trusted eye expert as well.


 Many Eye Problems Are Hard to See

The main reason you need to keep regular appointments at the eye doctor is that your eye health is difficult to see. This ironic truth can carry serious consequences. Because so much of your eye is hidden, many problems can be difficult to detect without advanced screening tools. These are the tools your eye care specialist will use. These tools will dilate the eye and look behind it to examine the full range of your eye health. This type of examination is the only way to truly assess the state of your eyes right now. Given how important your eyes are for your daily life, you need to give them this proper care and attention.


 Eye Health Is Often Overlooked at Yearly Physicals

Some people may reason that a trip to the eye doctor is unnecessary because they have yearly appointments with their family doctor. While a family doctor does provide general health inspection, your eyes will not be looked at in detail. You are certainly encouraged to talk about your eye concerns with your doctor, but most doctors do not do more than a cursory look at your pupils during a routine examination. This means that your eyes are not being thoroughly examined. If you want to make sure you get a good checkup, then you should schedule regular appointments with an eye care specialist. It is always best to trust the experts for this kind of nuanced care.

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 Your Eye Health Can Deteriorate Over Time

Eye checkups should be a regular event. You should not let years lapse between your normal appointments. This is because your eye health can deteriorate over time. A decline in eye health is pretty normal as you get older. In some cases, this deterioration can happen quickly. This problem is not just related to the quality of your vision. Other eye diseases will cause such deterioration. These eye diseases can pose a real risk to your overall health and your ability to see. Therefore, they must be assessed early on to come up with the best plan for treatment and prevention. This is what you can discover with regular appointments with your eye care specialist.


 Small Eye Changes Can Have a Big Impact On Your Life

Changes in your vision may seem subtle at first, but these changes can have a big impact. Even small degrees of change in your vision can start to take a toll on your health. As your vision becomes strained, your eyes struggle to compensate. This can lead to squinting and eye strain. Chronic eye strain leads to problems as well. If you suffer from consistent strain, then you may feel it in your eyes and head. In fact, some people discover that they suffer from headaches when they need a new prescription. This discomfort is entirely unnecessary. When you schedule regular appointments with your eye care specialist, such changes can be caught early and addressed to spare you any complications.


 Your Corrective Lenses Need To Be Checked

Your eyes are not the only thing that need to be examined regularly. If you wear contact lenses or glasses, you need to get them examined regularly as well. It is important to make sure that your contact lenses are not out of date. Since these lenses go directly on the eye, they need to be in good condition at all times. Glasses also need to be tuned up. The nose pads can become dirty and crooked. Your lenses can become cracked or stained. Even the frame itself can lose its integrity without regular maintenance from your eye care specialist.