One of the jobs that have a bright future is that of a dentist. No matter where one lives in the world, there will always be a demand for a dentist. There are many reasons why you should consider becoming a dentist. It is a career which provides many rewards and allows you to truly grow as an individual. Furthermore, it can be satisfying to be a dentist.

Unlike the pressure that regular doctors go through, being a dentist is definitely much easier although that might be debatable. If becoming a doctor seems tough and you have a love for medicine then studying dentistry just might be the answer that you are looking for. You also get to make communities healthier places to live.

The world report for jobs shows that dentistry is among the best professions in the world and for good reason. Employment growth is expected for dentists up to 19% alone in the United States as has been predicted by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. This is good news for anyone wanting to pursue a career in dentistry.

As the population throughout the world continues to grow especially in the United States, Canada and most of Asia, there is a long-term demand for dentists. Every year, that demand increases. Besides, there are not as many dentists as needed so it could be a lucrative career for you that make you, your first millions. Here are some of the reasons why people decide to become a dentist and why you should too.


Restore Oral Health and Improve the Lives of Patients

Whether you provide preventative care procedures, eliminating pain procedures, deliver dental restorative procedures or correct dental facial aesthetics, it can be extremely satisfying and meaningful to work as a dentist. The joy of positively improving the life of a patient itself by restoring their oral health can be immense.



Unlike doctors, dentists can normally start their own business right out of dental school or after undergoing some training. This means that dentists will be provided with a lot more independence and will be able run their business and achieve career goals. There is no better feeling then being you own boss.


Earn a Good Income

On an average, dentists have a net income of more $180,000 even as an independent private general practitioner. Dental specialists on the other hand earn over $344,000 as annual income on an average which is a lot of money. If you want to become a millionaire fast then maybe you should consider becoming a dentist. The income is stable and there are many chances of growth.


Various Career Options

Although eighty percent of dental school graduates end up running their own private practice in general dentistry, there is a lot that the profession can offer from a range of academic, research and clinical opportunities. Both dentists at any stage of their career and fresh graduates can benefit from these.


Flexible Lifestyle

Perhaps, the best thing about becoming a dentist is that you get to maintain a flexible lifestyle. A number of different practice and career options in dentistry allow practitioners to choose from different types of lifestyle that they would like to lead. They get to decide the number of hours and days that they would like to work. No other medical profession provides such a flexible lifestyle.


Influence the Future of Oral Health Care

If you are passionate about oral health care then you can contribute significantly to the future direction of the oral health care industry by engaging in dental research and education. Dental educations get the ability to influence the dental school curriculum along with the professional role that dentists play in our society. They get to establish themselves as aspiring faculty members of dental education. Dental researchers get to work on the most advanced technologies and techniques and help in applying cutting-edge scientific findings to their work and for the advancement of the profession through the discovery of new oral health findings and seek a resolution to upgrade the oral health conditions of the population.


Highly Respected

One thing that dentists can agree on is that they are highly regarded by communities as they get to server them and contribute to the general health of the public along with improving the lives of people around them. Being a dentist means that you would be highly respected by society.


Exercise Creativity

Dentistry is also known as being an art. It requires you to master the techniques that are unique to the profession. Not only is dentistry based on maintaining proper oral health, but it is also a profession where you to focus on aesthetically improving the appearance of your patients. A lot of the work that dentists have to do involves, making a smile beautiful and restoring teeth to their former glory. At the end of the day, you would get to see a smile on the faces of your patients.


Work on a Team

Dentists don’t just work alone but rather they work in dental team. It is a team-oriented profession. Whether you are working with the lab technician, assistant, or dental hygienist, there are always team members that you get to work with as opposed to what people think. Dentists are team players who work with their team to enhance the appearance of their patient’s teeth and ensure that they have good oral hygiene


Benevolent Care

The truth is that dentists have the opportunity to provide benevolent care to their communities. Due to their flexible work schedule and an above average income, they have the privilege and ability to offer oral health care to people that desperately lack access to dental care and cannot afford it. Being a dentist puts you in a position where you get to help people in need.


The Best Dentists

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