If you have been excited to watch the UEFA and want to find out whether it has been postponed to 2021 due to the corona virus, then, this post is just for you. It looks at the latest news about the UEFA and if it has been postponed to next year. Ever since the emergence of the Corona Virus in Wuhan, China, world trade, travelling, and just about everything has been restricted. It can be frustrating to watch one thing after the other being postponed or cancelled. However, with Europe suffering its worst pandemic in recent times, the corona virus is a serious issue and it is due to this reason that the UEFA is nearing its decision to postpone the championship for next year as Europe grapples with the pandemic.

The European Championship has been monitoring the corona virus pandemic since its emergence and it is with great regret and concern that it has agreed to consider whether the championship should be banned or not in order to prevent the spread of the deadly virus that has plagued the world. Many people have invested in the UEFA by getting tickets or betting on their favorite teams through the use of sports betting platforms like ยูฟ่าเบท and  เว็บแทงบอลเว็บไหนบริการดีสุด. The governing body of the UEFA is closely assessing the option to postpone the event to 2021 as it is uncertain about holding the national competition. Although the final decision might not have been made by the UEFA executive committee as of yet, it is likely that the UEFA will be postponed to 2021 due to the corona virus.

What Is Happening Around the World?

The coronavirus pandemic has resulted in many US national teams and European soccer leagues shutting down. The NBC Premier League fan fest that was expected to be held in April has also been postponed to autumn later this year. Thus, as corona virus hits world soccer, the Champions League games to be held in Europe are to be postponed.

At the present, it seems that delaying the Euro 2020 seems like the only option and is being assessed by the UEFA as the only option. However, there is still a need for talks as the UEFA has not made any comments to full postponement of the European Championship and many people are insisting that the 24-teams tournament should continue as planned. The sport’s response to COVID-19 is still a bit uncertain at the moment and only time will tell what will be the final decision made by the UEFA about holding the event this year or the next.

All major sports broadcasters and other sporting companies are closely monitoring the conversation regarding the UEFA being held this year or not. The UEFA 2020 seems to be the most challenging European Championship to be staged in its history because it is expected to span 12 stadiums in 12 European countries. The championship was expected to start out in Rome on the 12th of June this year and to end in Wembley on the 12th of July. However, since Italy has been the worst hit by the corona virus, chances are that the UEFA will be postponed to 2021 due to the corona virus.

If the European Championship gets postponed, it would offer potential space this year for domestic leagues and UEFA club competitions to be held as they have been affected by the pandemic corona virus. Moreover, it is important to keep in mind that the Spanish and Italian leagues have also been put on hold. But, the postponement of the UEFA Champions League is still to be finalized. There is great concern among football enthusiasts as they have been waiting for the European Championship for quite some time now and the news of its postponement has left them devastated.

The UEFA had made a statement regarding the Euro 2020 wherein they had discussed the response to the corona virus outbreak. The 55 member association held a videoconference to determine if holding the UEFA 2020 is the right choice or if it should be postponed to 2021 in order to control the situation. The ongoing development of the spread of corona virus across Europe is being closely monitored by the World Health Organization as it is analyzing the impact of the deadly plague.

It is also important to remember that the defender Daniele Rugani had tested positive for the corona virus and has been quarantined as a precautionary measure. The self-isolating player had been confirmed to by Andrea Agnelli, the Chairman of the body. It has resulted in alarm bells across the European continent.

Furthermore, there is also the potential gap in the football calendar for the months of June and July next year because FIFA has not yet secured a decision or funding on the final format for the plan. The 24-team world cup is expected to be hosted by China if things go according to plan.

If the men’s Euros is moved, it would also have a knock-on effect on the women’s Euros version which is expected to be played from 11th of July to 1st of August next year in England. Thus, the UEFA is also considering moving the Euros for Women to 2022.


Preparations are underway by the UEFA to postpone the Euro 2020 that was expected to be held this summer to 2021 due to the corona virus. The 24 national teams competing for the top prize were set to face off on 12th June this year, but will now have to wait for next year in order to battle it out. Moreover, one should bear in mind that the UEFA had already postponed two of the Championships league.

The final decision on holding the Euro Championship this year will be made by Tuesday after all options have been assessed. The executive committee is working on the matter and will only take a decision based on the interests of the European people. However, it is obvious that the main option available to the UEFA is to simply delay the Euro cup for this year and to hold it next year. The impact of the corona virus has left Europe overwhelmed. Italy has suffered the most at the hands of the pandemic as the country has reported over 10,000 cases and the number is only expected to rise. Thus, the entire country is in lockdown. All professional sports around the world have been impacted by the corona virus.

Furthermore, many competitions and leagues in Europe have also been postponed or will be played without any spectators. This week alone, many of the matches were played without spectators across the continent including the PSG vs. Borussia Dortmund match. Some of the league games had also been called off because of the travel restrictions. As Daniele Rugani had also tested positive for the corona virus, La Liga has also been suspended this season. Three Leicester City players in the Premier Leagues have also been left in isolation as they showed symptoms. All major sports in the United States like the NHL, the NBA, and Major Soccer League have been suspended for this season due to the pandemic.

The only viable option at the moment seems like the postponement of the Euro 2020. It would help offer a time frame for the suspension of the European leagues in order to finish off the seasons which requires the situation improving for the better. However, some of the European Leagues matches were held in Europe such as the match between Manchester United and LASK Linz which was held in Austria.

Impact of Corona Virus on Football Betting

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What Should You Expect About the UEFA Being Postponed?

As of now, the most viable option seems to be the postponement of the UEFA to 2021 due to the corona virus outbreak. Hence, if you have plans to bet on football, you can try your luck at other sports too in order to find out if you can win. The corona virus will take at least a few more months to subside or show any signs of reduction. Thus, you should be prepared for the postponement of the UEFA and mark your calendar for next year. Bottom of Form