Wooden rings are symbolic pieces. They are not just unique in the sense that they are eco-friendly, but also because they represent strength and growth. The use of wooden rings date back to seven millenias ago, meaning that wooden rings have been in existence for a very long time. Wooden rings are fashioned in several ways from carving to steam bending. There is no telling the average lifespan of wooden rings but a piece has been discovered from a mummy in acient Egypt. These days, wooden rings are seen as perfect gifts marking beautiful and long lasting relationships.


Why wooden wedding rings

Wooden rings are special. They are rare and individually unique. Wooden rings are symbolic and have huge sentimental values. Not only that, they come in various designs, patterns and grains that, looking at it, no two wooden rings are exactly the same. Wearing a wooden ring is sophisticated and gives a statement of character and to top it all off, it is environmentally friendly and ethical. They are lighter and safer than the conventional types of rings like gold, silver or platinum. And the best thing about wooden rings is that even when they lack their luster, they can be polished and repolished. So why not wooden rings.

Wooden rings Sizings

Wooden rings comes in different sizes using the U.S. ring size chart. When choosing the size of your wooden ring, make sure it’s larger by half size or whole size of your ring finger except when it comes with jewelled inlays like rose gold, yellow gold, gold, or silver. In WoodenRing.com, resizing is possible for one size up, but anything other than that, the ring will have to be remade.

Categories of Wooden rings

There are numerous types of wooden rings. Majorly, on WoodenRings.com, there are 4 categories of wooden rings.

Solid Wooden rings

These are rings that are cut from a solid piece of wood. This kind of ring gives the wearer a “well travelled vibe”. This exotic ring can be carved out of any hard wood there is. It’s beauty and graceful to wear. Tree lovers will appreciate this particular piece because it recreates the richness of wild flora.

Wedding Wooden rings

Nothing makes a better statement of undying love like a sustainably harvested wedding ring. It’s natural, dignified and exquisite. Designed with gemstones for a more traditional appeal, a wooden wedding ring captures the definition of matrimony. It is the perfect gift for the perfect occasion. A wooden wedding ring can be the rarest of heirloom because it can be customized to the wearer’s taste to send a message of love and strength through generations to come. It tells a story of how love happened.

Bentwood rings

They are the most durable of all wooden rings. The secret to getting the most gorgeous bentwood is in the process- which is evident in the set of wooden rings we have here. They come in all sorts of designs using strong and flexible wood. They have waterproof construction which makes them great for everyday use.

Layered wooden rings

It’s fancy, it’s fun, it’s layered. Layered wooden rings come in variety of colours, patterns, and inlays. They are layered with a beeswax finish that gives them a water resistant quality. Layered rings are fun to wear on ceremonial occasion. They are so fun to wear. They look casual and chic.


Distinct Styles and Designs

Wooden rings comes in different designs, colours and style. They are designed for all genders. Men wooden rings – are bold and masculine ornate pieces that adds sophistication to your personality. They are designed to be durable and strong. The men’s wooden ring are usually designed with silver, gold, platinum or titanium inlay for better appeal.

There are also variety of colorful designs that can be used to express mood, feelings and gestures. Wooden rings is what you gift a person when you truly know who they are. It expresses elegance in personality. Its a thoughtful and environmentally conscious gift. And what’s better way to express mutual love for the environment than sustainably harvested wood.

Wooden rings have the ability to always stay in style and no matter how much people dorn accessories like gold, silver, platinum or diamond, it takes only one person wearing wooden jewelry to bring us all back to the superiority of wooden rings- though the jewelry itself personifies humility.


Customize your wooden rings

With over 70 woods from every continent, woodenrings.com gives you the opportunity to shop from the world’s best. Not only that, you get to customize your wooden rings with no extra cost to suit your taste. Customizing your wooden rings especially, wedding rings brings it to a whole new level of sentimentality. It allows you to pass messages of love in your very own way.

For those who prefer engravings, laser engravings has made it possible for you to be able to write quotes that has means something to yourself or your love ones. The reasons to choose wooden rings for weddings and anniversaries are endless.

WoodenRings.com can also help you to incorporate personal materials like gem stones for inlay or special wood to help you create a lasting memory for you and your loved ones.


Choosing WoodenRings.com

Wooden rings represent class and expresses personality in a way that other kind of rings may not. Even when it starts to lack lustre, it can be repolished. It truly is a must have. Isn’t it? But there are a lot of reasons why people don’t fancy wooden rings. These reasons ranges from it not being water resistant enough, durability or the time it takes to make one- in the case of handmade rings.

Wooden rings.com helps to tackle all this problems by providing wooding rings that are coated with water-resistant substance, with woods that are tested to withstand strain and time and a speedy delivery system. Above all that woodenrings.com guarantees a lifetime protection for damaged wooden rings to be repaired or replaced.