Working board MASS CV offers the most favorable conditions for employers and employment services

The MASS CV job portal is indeed like nothing we’ve seen before. This young project hasn’t many vacancies to boast of so far, but it has substantial assets, allowing it to expand the quantity and range of job listings and advance nearer to the big players on the market. They have developed original and useful features to deliver the best search experience for all of their clients.


The most advantageous part of this project is the pricing policy, which is based on the charge for each separate vacancy, and a wide range of rates and discounts will allow employers to conduct recruitment campaigns in a most efficient way. Another feature is a daily payment system, enabling users to directly manage cash flow while searching for employees or employment services. The minimal daily cost to keep a  vacancy active is only US$0.39. The standard package costs US$0.59, the premium one is US$0.79, and the Prestige bundle will cost US$0.99.


This pricing structure gives users one attractive price, whatever the searching pattern is, whether it is in a big city or distant suburbs. The rotation approach for vacancies is based on their urgency, competitive ability, and employer’s activity. Thus, vacancy competition plays a very important part in the search, as the stronger the competition to find an employee for a certain vacancy, the more expensive it will be. This approach is absolutely different from the other employment boards on the market today. Now users can afford to apply for a long-term search with no risk of wasting their budget in a short time. This technology will ensure you a successful recruitment campaign to maximize your HR strategy efficiency.


The simple, attractive, and intuitive interface is designed to be practical. It will take no time to master a new interface to use this service — it is designed to be user-friendly and uncomplicated. Employers just fill in a few standard fields to post a job, and it is ready to go. It is similarly easy to modify and maintain listings.


Undoubtedly, this project has its unique style, differentiating it from the rest of recruitment utilities. And its innovative approach came exactly at the right time in terms of current changes on the recruitment market and modification of internal USA policy. This remarkable example of the emerging trend enhances the recruiting market significantly and is likely to become a driving force of changes in other industries.


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