Working With Portuguese Translation Companies


Many people do not realise it but Portuguese language is as important as Spanish. Many people tend to ignore Portuguese because, according to them, Portuguese is not as necessary of a language to learn. People opt for Spanish most of the time. Only after they have completed learning Spanish do people actually think about learning Portuguese as well. However, if youre looking to learn Spanish, opt for Portuguese instead. Here are a few reasons why you should learn Portuguese instead of Spanish:

  • Portuguese is so widely spoken a language, it comes in the world’s top 10 most widely spoken languages list. True, it isn’t as wide a language as Spanish is. However, many people are now choosing to speak and learn Portuguese instead of Spanish. Which is why it will be beneficial for you to learn Portuguese first. It makes learning Spanish easier.
  • The Portuguese diaspora is spread around the world. Whether you are in the United Kingdom or the United States, chances are that you will come across people who speak Portuguese. Many of these countries and places are opening up Portuguese restaurants and businesses, widely spreading the use of Portuguese language. Most of the Portuguese population even lives in Europe. Chances are that wherever you go, whichever foreign country you choose, you will come across Portuguese speaking people.
  • Brazil is a country where tourism increases every other day. People choose to opt for this natural, colourful and exotic place for its different cultures, communities, the beautiful sceneries and places to visit. However, Brazil is the country where Portuguese is most widely used as a language. Every person you come across will be a Portuguese speaker. From a bartender to a local person. Which is why it is very important for people to learn Portuguese and make their life easy if they plan on visiting Brazil. Even if youre planning to stay in Brazil for a long while, learning Portuguese will make it worth your while. You can make friends with locals and reach deep into the local culture.
  • The language itself is very colourful, rhythmic and easy to learn. It is the language which makes places like Brazil and Portugal beautiful. Their rituals, events and practises stem from the language.
  • Learning and speaking Portuguese gives you an edge over your competitors, whether its business or whether you are applying for a new job. Plus, learning Portuguese gives you a great opportunity to start doing business with or in Brazil. Brazil’s economy is rocketing sky high nowadays. There can not be a better time to learn Portuguese than now.
  • Learning Portuguese not only gives you an edge, it makes learning different languages easy. For example, Spanish, Italian, Romanian are all the languages which are easier to pick up on if you know Portuguese.

However if you do not have the time and effort to learn Portuguese, there exist companies which offer to help you with translation. A company which specifically helps in translating Portuguese is a Portuguese translation company called Magma Translation, which offers various portuguese translation services.

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