Relocating has never been easy unless you have the necessary prior knowledge of your destination. This guide provides you with the information that you need to relocate.

Getting settled in the ‘Lion City’ with its exquisite charms is the dream of many people. From its tropical climate to scrumptious cuisine complemented by awestruck architecture, you will find yourself surrounded by wonderful assortment of various cultures.

But first things first!

Like most developed countries, you will require a visa for travelling to Singapore.

Types of Visa

Even though, going through the arduous process of getting visa approval is quite daunting, the good news is that Singapore has quite a lenient visa policy. This means that even if your country is not in the list of visa-exempt states, you can still get a visa with relevant and genuine documents. For understanding purposes, your visa category depends on your motives for moving to Singapore. You can get Tourist Visa, Work Visa (includes Employment Pass and S Pass), and EntrePass (for Entrepreneur or Investor).

Cost of Living in Singapore

The Economist Intelligence Unit’s Worldwide Cost of Living Survey 2020 reveals that Singapore is the most expensive city in the world for the fifth-consecutive year. But wait! This report also highlights Singapore as the most competitive economy on earth. This in turn means that you are going to have more opportunities for your career-growth and hence, you will be able to earn more money. Additionally, the average expense of a single person, excluding rent, ranges from 800 SGD to 1000 SGD per month. Therefore, before moving you need to make sure you have enough bank balance to support your initial days of relocating.

Finding Affordable Accommodation

Your next step is finding accommodation which is not only budget-friendly but also close to your workplace. About 80 % of Singaporeans live in government-owned HDB flats. But privately-owned condominiums are also available. These condos have additional facilities such as gyms, playgrounds, swimming pools and function halls. However, the cost of these condos is quite high. Moreover, if your desirable place is near central parts of the city like Holland Village or Orchard Road, you should expect more money being drained from your pockets. Nevertheless, a place further away from the center may allow you to strike a good deal.

If you are confused or tired of your house-hunting, the best way is to seek the help of housing agency. The website of Singapore Estate Agencies Association (SEAA) has a list of estate agents who might facilitate your house-hunting as per your requirements. In addition to it, there are many websites available where you can search for rental apartments.

Getting Health Insurance

Getting health insurance is indispensable if you are an expat or living in Singapore for years. The advanced healthcare system of Singapore is quite costly and any accident can take a serious toll on your finances. Therefore, your next step should be finding suitable health insurance provider. ‘Medishield Life’ is a basic health insurance framework for PRs or Citizens who are automatically enrolled into the program. However, as an expat you will have to get yourself privately covered.

If you are relocating as an employee, it is more likely that your employer will be responsible for your health insurance. However, if your employer does not provide you with the health insurance and you do not have any access to state-backed health insurance program, you need to secure local health insurance facility.

Access to Public Transportation

One thing about which you don’t have to worry about is transportation. The fast and efficient transportation network in Singapore is not just easy to ride but also allows your pockets to have a breathing space. Remember how Singapore has remained the most expensive city of the world for five consecutive years? Well, the good news is that it includes the cost of buying and running a private car. That is exactly why you need to have an access to public transportation.

The public transportation system of Singapore consists of Mass Rapid Transit (MRT), bus System and taxis. The best options for travelling are MRT and bus system because of their electronic ticketing and extensive network. For electronic ticketing, you need to get your EZ-Link Pass which is available at bus terminals, MRT stations, and 7-eleven stores.

In addition to it, the cherry on the top is that there are various tourist attraction spots in Singapore which are MRT-accessible i.e. Chinatown, Singapore Zoo, Botanic Gardens or Little India etc.

Having Necessary Cognizance of Language, Culture, Cuisine and Climate

One of the major problems being faced by expats include not having necessary and relevant cognizance of the language, culture, cuisine and climate of the region they are moving to. Even though the official language of Singapore is Mandarin Chinese, the lingua franca is English. Therefore, you need to learn this language for better communication. In addition to it, Malay, Cantonese and Tamil are also commonly spoken by Singaporeans.

You will find glimpses of Western, Chinese, Indian and Malay influence when it comes to the cultural practices and cuisine in Singapore. This melting pot will surely allow you to co-adapt easily. Furthermore, the climate of Singapore is tropical in nature considering its geographical location near to the equator. The temperature ranges from 22 °C to 35 °C. Moreover, the humidity increases with the frequent rainfalls. Therefore, your wardrobe must consist of appropriate clothing depending on the weather conditions.

Relocating with your Kids? Understand the Admission Process

If you are relocating with your kids, you need to find educational institutions which are not only close to your residence but are also affordable for you. Singapore has one of the best education system in the world. Therefore, you need not to worry about the provision of quality education for your children. You can either contact an agent for help or go through the website of Ministry of Education for further information.

Make sure that you go through the details on the website of Ministry of Education properly. There is a possibility that you will be asked to provide vaccination records of your kids before admission. Therefore, getting your necessary documents prepared beforehand can remove some items from your long list of requirements.

Looking for Relocation Facilities?

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